EP.62 – Aaron Kennard Shares How Staying Positive In Business Will Have The Biggest Reward In The End

April 21st, 2014 by

Starting in the real estate industry to stay closer to home for his family, Aaron Kennard had the confidence in himself to achieve his goals for the benefit for his family. Aaron later started Truly Amazing Life to help others keep a positive mindset through the “thick and thins” in business life. He now shares with others his beliefs of physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, and financial freedom. Aaron believes that we strive daily for more freedom in each of those areas until the day we die.

Good is not good enough! A Good Life is a tragedy. To settle for good is to sacrifice our birthright of amazing! – Tweet This

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“Stand against all mediocrity!” – Tweet This
“Stop settling and start living!” – Tweet This
“Don’t have the fear of being judged for what you love.” – Tweet This
“People are attracted to the confidence you have and believe in!” – Tweet This
“This is a Truly Amazing Life and it deserves to be lived that way.” – Tweet This
“Don’t pummel yourself daily with self-criticisms, self-doubt, self-loathing.” – Tweet This
“All things have purpose, and you will find the good in everything that shows up in your life.” – Tweet This
“Get into a positive thinking habit, and create meaningful friendships through your business.” – Tweet This

Resources We Shared:

The Think and Grow Rich Action Pack by Napoleon Hill
Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill and W. Stone
The Positive Thinking Secret by Aaron Kennard

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With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Brian brings his network marketing background and expertise to the forefront of the CatalystMLM team. He believes that people are confined only by the walls they create for themselves and seeks to help others overcome those, and any other, obstacles that impede them from success. Brian’s mission in life is to help others build their ideal lifestyle and check every last dream off their list because you only have one life and he wants to help you make it amazing. He is a multi-level marketer, internet marketer, social strategist, coach, Apple lover, new media nerd, runner, and world traveler.

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