Become a Leader by Inspiring Others

April 19th, 2013 by

Become A Leader To Your TeamOftentimes, throughout our lives, we are told that in order to be successful we have to become a leader. But what constitutes a leader? This question is persistent throughout our lives, especially our professional lives. A “leader” is rare, a gift constantly sought after, but this trait can exist within all of us. You have the capacity to become a leader to your team, it’s just a matter of tapping into your true and full potential.

Lead By Example

Leading by every day example encourages you to hold yourself accountable to your actions and be someone who others admire. We think of people such as Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, and Muhammad Ali; all of which became infamous because of their passion, their dedication to a specific lifestyle or cause. Taking ownership of the fact that you are a leader can seem daunting at first, but is also humbling. Being a leader is about exuding passion in all activities you engage in, every day.

A Demanding respect and instilling fear in others is not an admirable leadership quality. Being a leader isn’t about owning a corporation and having others follow you. It’s about finding something that you’re good at, something that you love, and expressing it passionately and helping others on their chosen paths. Exuding this trait means demonstrating strength, carrying yourself with elegance, accepting your mistakes, being praised for your successes, and continually moving forward in the face of adversity.

Leadership Comes From Within

Everyone has the capacity to be a leader, and sometimes all it takes is looking within oneself and finding something that truly sparks one’s interest. Be humble and seek advice from those who have foraged the path before you, and before you know it, others will be seeking advice from you.

Great Leaders Inspire

Leaders don’t command, threaten, or manage the people with which they interact. Great leaders inspire their teams to see the vision of their success as a team, to achieve something greater than themselves. Many leaders work for the greater good of the whole team, and not just themselves. In the video clip below, Simon Sinek explains how great leaders inspire action.

For more information about Simon Sinek and his amazing outlook on the world I recommend reading his book “Start With Why” which further illustrates examples of true leadership and how you can adopt the same traits. Unlock your inner leadership, develop a powerful team, and build something amazing in the world around you. Become a leader to your team, and be the change you see in the world.

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