EP.38 – David Wood and Jen Newman Share Their Secrets For Creating A Mindset And Lifestyle Of Great Abundance

September 30th, 2013 by
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Seeing his parents separate at the age of seven, David Wood saw very clearly that if he wanted anything he had better be prepared to work for it. By the age of eleven, he had cleaned cars, worked in a retail, established two paper routes, and bred guinea pigs. Just after his twentieth birthday, David was headed back from a one week vacation in Africa and made a last minute decision to extend the trip. Fearful at first, his traveling journey has lasted over a decade and nearly forty countries. Now with more than 200 episodes and 153 countries listening, David hosts the The Kickass Life Podcast where he shares insights on how to lead (you guessed it) a kickass life.

As an elite gymnast, Jen Newman missed qualifying for the 1992 Olympics by only a few spots. She has applied that same tenacity and dedication to her personal journey of falling in love with her imperfections and finding true inner happiness. She has established herself as a health and business coach, massage therapist, yoga teacher, and most proudly likes to be known as a ‘Happiness Practitioner’. By helping people recognize the true nature of happiness and teaching them to habitually practice happiness, Jen works to facilitate society-wide-abundance.

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“Be the leader that leaders are looking for.” – Tweet This
“Give your spouse permission to not be supportive.” – Tweet This
“Stop taking advice from broke and unhappy people.” – Tweet This
“Most people don’t ask what you want, they just assume.” – Tweet This
“Multi-level marketing puts a big spotlight on our self-worth.” – Tweet This
“Any muscle you don’t have is a muscle you need to practice.” – Tweet This
“The yes’ build my business, but the no’s build my character.” – Tweet This
“My wealth can only grow to the extent that I can grow myself.” – Tweet This
“You can’t win the ‘getting’ game because people don’t want to be ‘got'” – Tweet This
“The beauty of network marketing is that you get paid to grow and learn.” – Tweet This
“The greatest fears in humanity, above death, are humiliation and rejection.” – Tweet This
“People rarely understand the commitment that is needed to create success in MLM.” – Tweet This
“There are two people. The person you were born to be and the person you learned to be.” – Tweet This
“In order to create a relationship with someone you must meet them where they are in life.” – Tweet This
“Be aware of what thoughts enter your mind because once you are aware you can let them go.” – Tweet This
“The more rounded you are as a person, the more possibilities you have to connect with others.” – Tweet This
“Don’t measure by the length of time in a company. Measure it by the conversations you’ve had.” – Tweet This
“Focus on what’s working, not what’s not working. If something isn’t working, focus on the solution.” – Tweet This

Resources We Shared:

The University In Action with David Wood
Truth & Lies: Discussing The Credibility of Network Marketing by David Wood

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Interview With David Wood of Kickass Life and IsagenixFacebook

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