Death Crawl Your Way to Success In MLM

July 22nd, 2013 by
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Death Crawl from Facing The Giants

We ordinarily think of our goals as a finish line, a place-marker for success. We set goals and strive to achieve them in our daily lives, and when we finally crawl past that finish line we feel accomplished. But what if we were to reimagine this journey? Let’s say there is no finish line. Without an end in sight, where would we begin? By focusing on the road we’re traveling on, and not the destination. Imagine what we could accomplish if we allowed ourselves to keep going further, if we continued on our journey past what we thought we could achieve. Let your horizons disappear, and see what your true potential is.

In the movie Facing the Giants, Coach Grant Taylor takes his team through their regular football drill of carrying a teammate while performing a death crawl to a determined yard line. Once the players arrive at the finish point, they collapse. But when Coach Taylor blindfolds one of his players and asks him to give it his best, this player is able to complete the whole length of the football field, all the while believing that he’s only gone a few yards. Imagine what you could accomplish in your daily lives if you, like the football player in this clip, were more focused on your strength and ability along the journey, rather than the finish line.

Ditch the Finish Line

Let’s start by removing the restrictions we place on ourselves and our potential. Imagine you have the goal of increasing sales by 20% in one quarter, and now imagine that you’ve achieved this goal with time to spare. What now? Relax, enjoy the benefits of having met your aspirations. But what if you didn’t have a limit, would you keep going? Would you death crawl past your limits? What could you achieve if you removed that place-marker of achievement?

Think of a cup of water. The water is contained by the cup, and therefore can only fill the space the container allows. Now set that water free, perhaps to flow into a river, or an ocean. This water knows no boundaries and cannot be contained. Now is your chance to start anew, to break free of your boundaries. Use this opportunity to envision greatness with no limits, a sky with no horizon, an ocean with no depth. Let yourself free from your own container.

Put Your Blindfolds On and Death Crawl to Success

Now that you’ve rid yourself of your container, or your final destination in order to tap into a wider range of possibility, it’s time to start achieving. It’s time to put your blindfold on and death crawl forward. That’s not just empty space, that’s a place with no horizons, no boundaries, no fences. That’s your potential, and everything is possible. Be your own coach and your own cheerleader, motivate yourself to keep going and push harder. Do you believe that you can achieve more? If you believe that you can go further, then you can.

Removing the Blindfold

Go the distance and keep going. Then go further. The lessons we learn in high school sports could take us to new limits. It’s not just about practicing to win, it’s about becoming better, quicker, stronger; so the win is no longer a question, but a guarantee. Look around you and see the world of possibility. It’s not about the final score, it’s about the death crawl that takes you to where you’re going. It’s about the fight. It’s time to fight your fight.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ― Ernest Hemingway

J. Audrey Hoy is the CatalystMLM team’s resident wordsmith. With a master’s of fine arts degree from New York University, J. Audrey has served as an Adjunct Instructor of Creative Writing at NYU and she currently works as the Content Editor and contributor at CatalystMLM. Originally hailing from the Chicagoland area, J. Audrey has previously resided in Iowa City, Brooklyn and currently lives in Burlington, Vermont. She spends her free time reading novels, writing, exploring the Burlington area and enjoying the outdoors.

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