EP.46 – Dr. Hale Pringle Shares How A Long Career In Formal Education Prepared Him To Be An Attraction Marketing Master

December 16th, 2013 by
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Attending the University of Florida where he dedicated himself to his studies, Hale Pringle eventually went on to achieve a Doctorate in Educational Administration and Research. His efforts prepared him to be a life-long educator, but also embedded the ability to analyze systems and figure out what made them tick. Having served in the army, on a school board, at a social service agency, and various educational institutions – Dr. Hale shared his insights widely. Fortunately, he saw his job ripped away from him and started looking elsewhere. He discovered and mastered attraction marketing and now teaches others this same mastery each day. Since losing his job, Dr. Hale Pringle has been able to spread his insights further and help more people.

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“Learn to enjoy challenges and you’ll enjoy anything.” – Tweet This
“You can do anything if you stop trying to do everything.” – Tweet This
“You can be an analog introvert while being a digital extrovert.” – Tweet This
“If you try to please everyone you’ll never get anything accomplished.” – Tweet This
“If you’re trying to market to everybody then you’re marketing to nobody.” – Tweet This
“There’s quick, cheap, and good. Pick two. All three together is rarely a reality.” – Tweet This
“One person cannot possibly learn every technique or tool. Absorb and then act.” – Tweet This
“The industry of internet marketing is constantly expanding so you can never know it all.” – Tweet This
“The opportunity will change lives – if they work it. If they’re not willing, don’t sign them up.” – Tweet This
“Just because you can’t make it doesn’t mean that the next person you talk to can’t make it.” – Tweet This
“You’ll never find someone who has been successful entirely on their own. You can’t do it alone.” – Tweet This

“When you get an introvert into an industry which they’re passionate about they’re indistinguishable from an extrovert.” – Tweet This

Resources We Shared:

The Renegade Blog by Ann Sieg
The Little Black Book of Scripts **FREE PREVIEW** by Todd Falcone
How Abandoning Internet Marketing For Online Networking Exploded Her Business with Diane Hochman

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