EP.51 – Michelle Geyer Shares How Being A Mother Helped Her Achieve Her Goals In Business: Putting Her On The Track Of Success

February 3rd, 2014 by
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After working as an accounting assistant, Michelle Geyer was looking for a job that fit her personality. When she later discovered that she was going to be a mother of twin boys, she thought about how she wanted to be her own boss and build a successful business. Michelle wanted to spend as much time with her new family but did not know how to fit work and sons into one. When her friend told her about a company where she could work from home, she thought it would be a good fit. After realizing that the company was not for her, Michelle utilized her skills and created a successful business. She now works with mothers as a coach to help them in the direction of a strong online business presence.

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“Parenting is a business.” – Tweet This
“Rather than change your life, prioritize.” – Tweet This
“Remember you can always learn new things.” – Tweet This
“You don’t have to shape your life around a job.” – Tweet This
“You can’t be scared of technology, have fun with it!” – Tweet This
“Ask yourself: How do you want to spend your time?.” – Tweet This
“You have to soul search before you achieve success.” – Tweet This
“All moms have so many skills for success in business.” – Tweet This
“Attraction marketing all boils down to teaching yourself.” – Tweet This
“If you have knowledge to offer people, then you are off to the right start in business.” – Tweet This

Resources We Shared:
Being the Best You Can Be In MLM by John Kalench
Jab Jab Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

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