EP.52 – Jan Johnson Shares How She Followed Her Childhood Dreams; And Reached Success In Network Marketing

February 10th, 2014 by
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Growing up in a poor family, Jan Johnson still had the imagination and drive to dream big. She wanted to build a life of abundance for her future family, but was told in school she had a learning disability. She worked hard to overcome dyslexia and put in many hours reading the dictionary. By working hard and putting herself through college, Jan achieved a Masters Degree and a way into the corporate world. Jan became a CFO for a major segment of IBM but for the realized she wanted to be her own boss. She started by being a sales representative for a telecommunications company, but soon after got into the real-estate business. After a few trials and struggles she realized that her passion was leading other people to success.

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“You can only succeed if you do a good job of teaching and empowering others.” – Tweet This
“If you reflect back to your childhood, you can see the source of who you are today.” – Tweet This

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Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson
How To Build Your Network Marketing Business by Jim Rohn

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