EP.56 – Shajen Joy Aziz Shares How To Better Yourself By Creating Abundance On All Levels – For Our Children And Those Around Us

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An international bestselling author Shajen Joy Aziz has gone on to sharing her film Discover the Gift in 22 countries worldwide. Shajen is a well known speaker and educator who shares her journey in life to others. She is a a mother, but works hard to enjoy the line between work and life. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post and CNN, among many others. Shajen’s philosophy in life is: creating abundance on all levels, for ourselves, our children and those around us; one person, one family, one community at a time. All the while, honouring and caring for our mother earth. She helps her clients focus on emotions and systems and their impact on an individuals’ ability to thrive personally, professionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Her deep understanding of people come from her twenty years of combined experience as a School Administrator, Counsellor, Program Creator/Director, and as a licensed Special Educator. She is most passionate about children and young adults, as they are our future.

“Look at the world as your school, and each country is a classroom.” – Tweet This

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“The gift to life is you.” – Tweet This
“Be your authentic self.” – Tweet This
“Life is a discovery process” – Tweet This
“Share who you are in a positive way.” – Tweet This
“Help people the way you wish you were helped.” – Tweet This
“Always honour your voice and your positive nature. ” – Tweet This
“When is the work you do in the world match who you are?” – Tweet This
“You have to be willing to risk,step through your fears, and find yourself.” – Tweet This
“Be an active force in creating a better world for our children and ourselves.” – Tweet This

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Discover The Gift by Shajen Joy Aziz
Discover The Gift by Scott Peterson
Samira’s Show by Samira Chatila

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