Fear Is Not An Option: Lessons From James Cameron

August 9th, 2013 by
Fear Is Not An Option with James Cameron

Hope is not a strategy, Luck is not a factor, and fear is not an option. These are some valuable words to remember when entering into a network marketing company. The MLM industry is unique in so many ways. It isn’t your typical nine-to-five job; you are your own boss, you set your own rules and you take on the responsibility of each working part of your company. This amount of responsibility may seem daunting, but it also gives you the personal freedom to make your own decisions and grow your business on your own, which is a luxury that isn’t afforded to most working adults.

When just starting out with your network marketing venture, it may seem like an uphill battle to grow your downline and your widen your customer base. But just remember that success can only be achieved with hard work. Watch the video clip below for some valuable words of advice from James Cameron: Hope is not a strategy, Luck is not a factor, and fear is not an option.

Hope is Not a Strategy

In order to grow your MLM business, you can’t rely on only hope. Network marketing is not a get-rich-quick phenomenon, it takes a lot of hard work and time to recruit for your downline and build a customer base, which takes a whole lot of elbow grease. It’s okay to hope for the best, but don’t rely on it to get you through. The hard work you do in the beginning will pay off in the end.

Luck is Not a Factor

Luck is an illusion. In the MLM industry, people who succeed are not any more lucky than those who don’t, they just have put in a lot of time and energy in order to grow their business. Industry leaders may make it seem easy, but everyone has to start at the bottom and climb their way up, and they were there too once. You, too, can rise above the crowd to achieve your goals.

Fear is Not an Option

This may be the most important lesson of this video. You’ll never know your true potential in life if you don’t go after what you want because you’re too afraid of losing. Trying hard and failing is better than not trying at all. Go after your goals and your dreams, abandon your fears and push your way through any obstacles.

No Business Like Show Business

Think of your MLM business like a movie set and you’re the director. You get to choose how your movie will look in the end, but in order to capture it correctly, there needs to be a lot of input that goes on behind the scenes. Every component of your business has it’s role. Your recruiting efforts, your marketing efforts, and your sales are the key actors in your movie. Each of these needs to be running smoothly and working hard in order for the production to be successful. There’s no hoping or wishing, just hard work. Hope is not a strategy, luck is not a factor, and fear is not an option.

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