Freedom from Judgement

April 14th, 2013 by
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To live your ideal life it is essential that you cultivate solid self-confidence and become immune to unwanted criticism. We are conditioned from early age to rely on the judgement of others, so how does one achieve such state? Discover freedom from judgement, and you’ll see your confidence grow.

To deconstruct this thick layer that makes us think of ourselves as fragile and dependent is not an easy task. We must first understand that it takes time to readjust ourselves and see our world differently. To free yourself is to believe on body/mind awareness. Until we recognize our talent that we all have, insecurity and expectation that others should validate will always follow.

Another mistake is comparing yourself to others. Remember each human being is unique and possesses skills that are theirs only, we all indistinctly possess an intrinsic potential to be developed in full. Our existence is given to each of us holding the same value without distinction of any kind.

“If we compete with others we become bitter, but if we compete with ourselves we become better.” Discover your inner treasure and express them to the world. Freedom depends on the recognition of this truth and a loving look that everyone must have, starting with yourself.

We are all born without an ego. When a child is born, it is only consciousness: floating, flowing, lucid, innocent, virgin, without ego. Gradually, the ego is created by others, which is the cumulative effect of the opinions of others about you. A neighbor comes in and says “What a beautiful child!”, looking at the child with appreciation. The ego starts. Someone smiles and another person doesn’t. Sometimes the mother is very affectionate, other sometimes she is very angry. The child will learn that he/she is not accepted as their true being; not accepted unconditionally. There are conditions to be met. The child will learn the opinions of others about herself looking into the mirror of relationships.

You learn that you cannot see your face directly. You have to look in a mirror, and in the mirror you recognize your face. This reflex becomes your idea of ​​your face, and there are thousands of mirrors around you, all of them reflecting something different. Somebody loves you, somebody does not, and someone else is indifferent. We’re all a different person to all the people that surround us.

Gradually we grow and continue to accumulate the opinions of others. The whole essence of these views of others is ego. We start looking at ourselves the way others see it; searching for ourselves through the mirror, and searching for ourselves in the ego. We are continually seeking ways and means to be appreciated, to be repeatedly assured that we have value, merit, meaning and significance.

I ask you not to be afraid to be yourself. You don’t need to fit in the opinion of others. If you put aside the ego and suddenly become a child again, you will no longer be worried about what others thinks of you and you’ll also learn to accept others. Learn to love yourself, learn to inspire others and believe that you’re capable of anything, and you’ll find freedom from judgement. You won’t believe how beautiful this world is once you see it!

So have you dropped the mirror yet? The mirror makes no more sense, the face is yours, why ask the mirror? Find your freedom from judgement, and you’ll see the world around you change.

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Brian brings his network marketing background and expertise to the forefront of the CatalystMLM team. He believes that people are confined only by the walls they create for themselves and seeks to help others overcome those, and any other, obstacles that impede them from success. Brian’s mission in life is to help others build their ideal lifestyle and check every last dream off their list because you only have one life and he wants to help you make it amazing. He is a multi-level marketer, internet marketer, social strategist, coach, Apple lover, new media nerd, runner, and world traveler.

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