Hell Yes or No: Making Time for the Things That Excite You

July 31st, 2013 by
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Hell yes

Our calendars and daily planners tend to fill up quickly. So many times do we push aside our passions and dreams to fulfill an obligation, or tend to an engagement that does not open doors for our futures. These obligations pile up, and time slips away. Suddenly we find that we have less time to focus on the things we love, the things that energize us. Don’t let those mundane activities bog you down. Don’t stand by while the things that excite you, the things that make you say “hell yes” get pushed into the corners of your life, collecting dust.

Do you want to know the secret for how to create more free space on your calendar? Here’s a hint: it’s not about sleeping less or being more organized. It’s not about starting your day earlier, or filling up every hour with activities and chores. It’s about learning to say “no”. By saying no to certain obligations, your calendar will free up for more time to spend on that one thing that drives you. Learn to cut some strings, and commit yourself 100% to the things you care most about.

Hell Yes or No Way

In the short video clip below, Derek Sivers tells his audience to take on all activities in which you are in “Hell Yeah” mode over. If you’re passionate about it, if it energizes you and you tackle it with enthusiasm, then it’s worth your time. Do you things you love and cut loose the things that hold you down. It’s either Hell yes or Not at all.

Derek offers great advice on how to free up time in your life so you can focus on the things that excite you most, and the answer is simple: it’s all or nothing. If you’re not saying “Hell yes” to the project, then don’t do it at all. By learning to say no, you’ll be amazed at how much more free time you’ll have. We’re all busy, we’ve all taken on too much. By saying “yes to less”, you will no longer be overcommitted or scattered. Go full steam ahead to that rare thing that makes you say “Hell yeah!”.

Think of your time as an ocean. The obligations and engagements that fill your calendar are a sinking ship, and the air above is filled with your dreams and ideas for success. You’re trying to break the surface, but you’re anchored to the ship. Let loose, cut those ropes that tie you down, and breathe the air that drives you toward your accomplishments.

More Time, More Energy, More Enthusiasm

“The daily grind” is a phrase we should all learn to hate. Your day should not be a grind, it should be grand. Live every moment to its fullest potential, go after what you want and go full force. Start by opening your calendar and putting a star next to anything pertaining to that rare thing that you’re passionate about. Then put a checkmark next to anything you consider an obligation, those things you feel you have to do even though you’re not particularly interested in them. Now it’s time to weed out those obligations. If you start saying no, week by week you’ll notice more stars and less checkmarks.

Suddenly life seems more free. You’ll be more happy. If you’re able to maintain an enthusiastic approach to everything in life, you’ll also find yourself living a more fulfilling and satisfying existence. It’s not about free time, it’s about a free you. Now that’s something to say “Hell yes!” about.

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