How Positive Body Language Can Change Your Attitude

July 31st, 2013 by
Positive Body Language

We all know that our minds can control our bodies, but what if our bodies could control our minds? What if we could improve the way we feel about ourselves and boost our confidence just by making some simple tweaks in the way we sit, stand, or walk? Think of a moment in your life when you were delivered good news: you were offered a job or a promotion, you beat your personal best in a race, or the first time you made a big sale. How did you react? Were you slouched over in your chair with your arms folded? Were you looking down at the sidewalk as you crossed the finish line? Probably not. You were likely exhibiting signs of exuberance or exhilaration, because powerful life moments lead to positive body language. But what if we could reverse that formula, and positive body language could lead to powerful life moments?

In the TED Talks video clip below, Amy Cuddy talks about the difference that small tweaks in the way we carry ourselves can make in our lives. Leaders, or powerful people, tend to have different body language than those that are introverted and shy. If the introverted people were able to spend a few minutes taking note of how they pose, and make some minor tweaks to mimic the postures of the powerful, it could lead to surprising changes in attitude.

Positive Body Language and Self-Perception

Our body language, or nonverbal behavior, says a lot about who we are and how we feel. Nonverbal behavior can include anything from a smile to a wink to the way we walk. We make judgements based on the way that people carry themselves, if they smile at you, if they stand up straight and look you in the eyes while speaking, etc. And vice versa, you yourself are judged by the way in which you carry yourself. But what Amy Cuddy is saying in this video is that not only are we judged by others, but our minds subconsciously internalize and judge our own behavior, and our own minds are affected by how we act.

Powerful people tend to take on what is called “high power poses”. They allow their bodies to take up more space; they stand up straight, spread out, and enact poses of dominance. Introverted people tend to become smaller; they slouch, their eyes are cast down, and they enact what is called “low power poses”. By taking the time to do some “high power poses”, your testosterone levels will rise and your stress hormones will decrease, and you can trick your own mind into believing yourself powerful and capable.

Think about this in terms of your MLM business. Your potential customers want to see someone who’s confident and poised, and you in return want your customers to be engaged and enthused. You look for signs of positive body language just as they look at your nonverbal behavior upon your first interaction. This is called a “first impression”, right? Wrong. The first impression is the one you make in the morning on your own, just you, your mind, and your body. Try this: stretch out, breath deep, and make your body take up space. Take two minutes to try some high power poses in the morning before your sales meetings, and see what sort of difference it makes in your attitude. In order to be successful, your mind needs to believe that you are capable of success.

Fake It Until You Are It

Our bodies change our minds, our minds change our behavior, and our behavior changes the outcome. Just because you’re taking on the body language and positive postures of the powerful does not mean you’re an imposter, or that you’ll soon be discovered for who you really are. What it means is that you’re getting your mind to really believe it, and then you can really become it. If you really want to be the best and grow your MLM business, you need to believe you really are the best. Your body language can help your mind believe this; mimic the nonverbals of those you admire, and soon you’ll be admired.

Become the Leader and Others will Follow

There are two types of people in this world, the leaders and the followers. The leaders are powerful, they exhibit characteristics that encourage others. They move people to action, they are persuasive and confident. In order to transform yourself from a follower into a leader, you really need to believe in your own potential. Strike a power pose, walk with your head high. Sit up straight and make eye contact, smile often. Exude confidence and positive body language, hide your fears and soon you’ll forget them. Become what you aspire to be by tapping into the full potential of your mind and body.

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