How to Fight From the Bottom

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Anyone who enters a network marketing company starts with the same materials and resources as the next person: the distributor kit with necessary products and information, and the will to succeed. Network marketing is unique in this aspect; everyone must start from the bottom and build a team and a customer base with nothing less than hard work and energy. Success is not met through wishing and hoping. It requires a lot of input to fight your way up from the bottom, but it also takes a whole lot of believing in yourself. You’ll never be able to take that first step toward the top if you don’t believe yourself capable from the outset.

Take it from Jane Orlov. She was hesitant to get started in her MLM business because she didn’t think she had what it took. She thought that success was off limits to her, and she was surrounded by negative energy from those around her. Take a look at the interview below to hear her inspirational story of overcoming feelings of self-doubt and hopelessness.

Lessons from Jane Orlov

Design Your Own Mold

Don’t let the world around you determine who you are. Envision the position you want to hold in life and the person you want to be and create a new mold for this in your head; be the designer of your own self image. If you break out of the mold that you’ve been stuck in and shed the doubt that is holding you down, you’ll defy expectations and rise to the top.

Hold on to the Positive, Let Go of the Negative

Learn to celebrate your victories, no matter how large or small. By allowing yourself to revel in your own success, not only will you be keeping your mind focused on the good things, but you’ll also be spreading positive energy to others. Don’t be afraid to let others know about your victories. Those that want to celebrate with you will appreciate your accomplishments and you’ll build a community of people that are rooted in helping each other fulfill their potential.

Once you’re on the path to becoming the person you want to be, you’ll find you’re acquiring the admiration of others. While there was once a time when you were fighting from the bottom and seeking leaders and heroes, you’re now becoming the hero and leading others to finding their true calling.

All Fears Must Pass

If you’re afraid to do something or tackle an item on your to-do list, just remember that the first time is always the hardest. The more you do something, the more you become comfortable doing it, and slowly you’ll find yourself becoming more confident and you’ll learn to face your fears head on.

Fight From the Bottom to Rise to the Top

Jane Orlov was once a self-proclaimed introvert who wanted to reach out for something better. She wanted to make a name for herself but was too afraid to get started. But she learned to find positive people to look up to, and she allowed herself to enter their world and take their advice. It was difficult at first, but she slowly became more comfortable, and soon enough she had a community of positive-minded people who shared in her success. Jane watches videos of leaders and seeks advice from them. She went through a lot to get where she is, and constantly reminds herself that she wants to do something with her life. She keeps video journals of inspiration, of herself, she studies herself and her emotions so she can overcome negative feelings.

You can do the same if you keep your eyes on reaching the top and you don’t lose sight of your ultimate goals. Take note of how positive energy and thoughts bring small victories, and how the negative ones hold you back from accomplishing your goals. There is a secret formula to success: and that’s finding your passion and believing that you are capable of reaching the top. Go fight from the bottom, break out of the mold that other people have made for you and overcome your fears.

“Always be a first rate of yourself other than a second rate of someone else”
– Jane Orlov

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