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YouTube is no longer just a medium for funny home videos or a posting site for practical jokes or stunts. It’s not just a community of people who love spontaneity caught on camera, it’s becoming evermore a resource for marketing and building a brand or company image. Businesses and advertisers are catching on, and more and more are utilizing YouTube to market their products or services, and the MLM industry is not impervious to these new trends.

Many network marketing companies use YouTube to spread their inspirational messages of working from the bottom up, and a lot of industry leaders are seeing their number of YouTube subscribers grow. If you get more subscribers on YouTube, you can broaden your marketing campaign audience. But what does it take for YouTube videos and channels to catch on and not get lost in the vast sea of the internet? How do people make it above the crowd and market to a wider audience? Below are a few simple things to keep in mind when trying to increase your number of subscribers and grow your YouTube community. If you haven’t set up a YouTube channel yet, check out the 2013 YouTube Marketing Guide at Kissmetrics.

Be Loud, Be Creative

When I say “loud”, I don’t mean speaking at a higher volume than normal. “Loud” pertains to your identity and the way that people notice you. If you stand out from the crowd and offer something different, people will take note and may even be affected by you. The more you present unique and creative qualities, the more memorable you’ll be.

This goes for your marketing strategies as well. You have the ability to get people thinking outside the box and to inspire them. People don’t want to be told the same message over and over, and they don’t want to be driven to boredom by your content. Be different from all of the others in your industry, offer your own sense of creativity, and aspire to stand out in the crowd. All of these things will help brand your image and get people thinking and talking about your YouTube channel.

Get to the Point

Aside from being catchy and creative, your videos should also have relevant and practical content. What sort of advice or personal stories are you trying to get across to your viewership? Is your message clearly defined in the video? Whatever your message may be, don’t take too long to arrive there. Stay focused and stay on track, and keep your viewers returning for more.

Your subscribers on YouTube are not only watching your videos, they’re putting their trust in you that you’re delivering sound business advice and relevant content that they can use to benefit their own lives and business ventures. If your viewers are able to use your advice or relate to your personal stories, they’re more likely to subscribe to your channel and also spread the word to others. Use your YouTube channel to gain credibility with potential customers by getting to the point and spreading a relevant and important message.

Go for Quality

Think of your YouTube channel as a means of advertising your business and building your brand. Think of it as a means of inspiring others to action, to join your company or promote your product. The last thing you want when you’re advertising your business is to come across as being low quality or outdated, because this hurts your image and credibility in the industry. Quality advertising gives off the impression of quality products and services, and high quality work on YouTube is just as important as any other means of marketing.

High quality doesn’t always mean you have to break the bank, however. If you’re just starting out, it’s okay to use a lower cost means of getting better quality videos. Be prepared to do more than one take, and make sure your subjects are visible and easy to hear. Check out some tips for shooting videos on your iPhone at Wistia.

Market Your Channel Like You Market Your Business

YouTube channels gain popularity much like MLM business, by word-of-mouth. Use your other social media outlets to promote your channel and get more subscribers on YouTube, and use your YouTube channel to promote your social media outlets. Send a Facebook message or a tweet when you post a new video, and link your Facebook page and Twitter account on your YouTube channel. The more you get people talking online, the more visitors you’ll have to your site. Always remember to spread the word about your YouTube channel whenever you can.

Another great tip is to give people a taste of what’s to come in order to get them excited about new videos. Offer a sneak peek of upcoming videos to your list of subscribers or your Facebook friends, and they’ll look forward to your new content.

Also remember to be consistent. People who subscribe to your channel are hoping to receive new content periodically, so post videos often and don’t lose steam. If people are receiving new videos regularly and your number of subscribers continues to grow, your channel will feel more like a community and less like an anonymous, depthless ocean of random and sporadic videos.

Find Your Identity and Get More Subscribers on YouTube

YouTube is a lot like a high school cafeteria. Some videos are more popular than others, some more athletic, some funny. Most get lost in the crowd. But for the rare videos that stand out and offer the world a little dose of ingenuity and creative thinking, these are the videos we will derive inspiration from in the future. Your channel is a great way to inspire others to action and to market your business and your message, and if you can get more subscribers on YouTube, you’ll be marketing to a wider audience. The more you build an online presence and a community of followers, the more you can inspire others and make a difference. For tips on how to get more views per video on YouTube, check out the Boost YouTube Views article at CatalystMLM!

J. Audrey Hoy is the CatalystMLM team’s resident wordsmith. With a master’s of fine arts degree from New York University, J. Audrey has served as an Adjunct Instructor of Creative Writing at NYU and she currently works as the Content Editor and contributor at CatalystMLM. Originally hailing from the Chicagoland area, J. Audrey has previously resided in Iowa City, Brooklyn and currently lives in Burlington, Vermont. She spends her free time reading novels, writing, exploring the Burlington area and enjoying the outdoors.

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