How To Market Your MLM Online: A Step-By-Step Guide

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MLM Online Marketing GuideHave you considered taking steps to grow your MLM online? Are you working to do that right now? There is an obvious attraction to utilize online marketing to grow a multi-level marketing business, but the intricacies of doing it successfully are often overlooked. With no shortage of “get rich quick” promises on the Internet, the process of finding a worthwhile solution can be daunting. We have been fortunate enough to see great success from marketing our businesses online and this guide is our process for generating such growth.

In this step-by-step guide you will learn exactly how to grow your MLM online. While processes, automation, and outsourcing are often seen as very in-human in nature; we will show you how to use them to build meaningful relationships that dramatically grow your business. This is not a magical MLM software that will explode your business overnight so if you’re looking for that you might as well stop reading now. There is no solution that will work for everyone which is why this guide is framework for you to create your own unique Internet marketing strategy. With hard work, focus, and dedication you can use this guide, as well as the community support in our MLM forum, to create massive success in MLM for years to come.

Step 1: Plan Your Focus

It isn’t unusual to hear someone complain that marketing an MLM online is difficult, if not impossible, yet people are doing it successfully on a daily basis. People often start the journey of online marketing by thinking of all the people they can get to buy their product or join their business as a distributor. All too often these discussions use language that paints prospects as faceless people with full wallets and empty minds. If you can “trick” someone into signing up as a distributor in your business then it is unlikely that they will be the type of person willing to work to build success. Multi-level marketing is called ‘relationship marketing’ for a reason and this ideology must extend into the online world if you are to build lasting growth in your downlines‘ businesses and your own.

“The sun’s energy warms the world. But when you focus it through a magnifying glass, it can start a fire. Focus is powerful.” Alan Pariser – Tweet This

As you begin the process of marketing your MLM online you should focus on building relationships with soon-to-be leaders – not signing up as many people as possible. When you make the conscious decision to focus on these relationships the decisions you make along the way become much clearer. Think of the personalities of few top leaders in your organization and imagine what it would be like to have sponsored them into the business. Focus your online marketing on creating a message that would have attracted the person they used to be. Write down a few points that describes each person just before they got involved in your company. Are their any similarities? How could you reach people that are in that position today? Take time to answer these questions.

Online Niche Marketing For MLMPOWER TIP: Niche Down. A niche market is defined as the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing. The term ‘niche down’ refers to creating a more specific target audience and it’s usually suggested that you do this several times. Let’s say you are trying to market your business to health oriented people. You would go from ‘health oriented people’ to ‘people who like yoga’ to ‘women who like yoga’ to ‘pregnant women who like yoga’ to ‘women who like yoga and are pregnant with their first child.’ While this process means that you are talking to a much smaller group of people, it allows you to create a laser targeted message with a high engagement rate. With headlines like ‘Yoga Poses For A Healthy Pregnancy’ you can speak directly to the needs of your audience. The more you refine your niche, the more effective you can make your messaging. We once ran a campaign with a target audience of a single person. Over a three week campaign we spent $1.70 and had a 100% success rate in getting them to take the desired action. If you’re looking for a great guide for identifying your own niche check out Pat Flynn’s post on the topic in his Niche Site Duel.

Step 2: Develop Your Message

Now that you have identified your intended audience you can create a message that speaks directly to them. Simply saying general statement “earn money online” or “get paid while you sleep” are far too broad to capture someone’s interest. While these are some pretty extreme examples of poor messaging, many people still use language that is so broad it is often confused for spam – even when it promotes a legitimate business. For this reason and many others, the power of a focused message is immense. The more you refine your audience and focus your message the more effective your online marketing will be.

Kate Northrup MLMKate Northrup has built a massive brand for herself by focusing on helping people out of debt. She is able to connect with them on a personal level because, with over $20,000 in consumer credit card debt, she was once in their shoes. Kate regularly creates and shares valuable content that helps people with their money issues. She often focuses on the emotions that people have regarding money itself and recently published a book called ‘Money A Love Story‘. Her audience loves to read, watch, and otherwise engage her content while she expects nothing in return. Her audience has grown to trust and respect her, often sharing the content with their friends. With this word-of-mouth marketing Kate’s audience grows larger on a daily basis. While the vast majority of her audience just listens, she receives emails on a daily basis asking about her multi-level marketing business. You read that correctly, Kate has people contacting her on a daily basis asking her to sponsor them into her downline. She didn’t do it with any “unlimited mlm leads” software either; she did that by connecting with people, giving with no expectation of return, and building a lasting relationship of mutual value.

While this style of online marketing is obviously slower than the ‘pitch and ditch’ strategies that most use, it is immeasurably more powerful. To illustrate just how effective, just look at top leaders in the multi-level marketing industry like Tanya Aliza, Pat Petrini, Cesar Rodriguez, Scott McGee, Ray Higdon, and Todd Falcone. All of them, and so many more, utilize that exact same strategy and have built audiences in the tens of thousands as well as massive successes in their MLM businesses. They offer value to others with no expectation of return and build relationships in the process. People trust them because they are deserving of that trust. If you want to make a quick buck you can easily create a webpage that will get some suckers to give you their money. If you want to build a massive audience where people run to hug you and give thanks for changing their life when you have never before met them – give value and build relationships. I for one certainly that hope you choose the latter.

Whether you are planning to develop a blog or looking to create a series of explanatory webpages that detail your business; make sure that you are speaking directly to your audience – even if they do not yet exist. All too often people get lost in the essence of being new and try to speak to everyone. Identify your audience, speak to them directly, and they will eventually come to listen. As Justice Eagan shared, you should never have online marketing be your only method of marketing because that is when you become desperate and start destroying what you have built. This is not a formula for immediate success, but it is a formula for exponential success.

POWER TIP: Play Dumb. All of the leaders mentioned above had absolutely no clue what they were doing when they entered the online world. Many of them began to build a brand before they actually understood what that truly meant. Cesar explained it best in his interview as he shared how there is a great deal of power in approaching multi-level marketing with a child-like sense of innocence and enthusiasm – the same can be said about beginning to market your MLM online. There are plenty of people throughout the web, CatalystMLM included, who will offer valuable advice and training to help you be successful in marketing online. You will find that not all great advice will come from within the multi-level marketing industry. It is in fact a huge opportunity to take knowledge that is foreign to any industry and find a way to utilize it in a non-traditional manner. This does not require you to be intelligent – it requires you to be clever (and that can be learned).

Step 3: Create Your Platform

Now that you have identified your audience and your message, you can begin to create the method of delivery. You will find that the more time you have spent on the prior two steps, the more freedom you will have here. People will often skip directly to the “I’m just going to create a website” step and find themselves spinning their wheels for months or years before they see a need to rethink their lack of strategy. It is important to remember that with a clarity of focus you are afforded the freedom to get creative with the delivery.

If you are looking to build relationships by sharing value with your audience, then begin by looking into the creation of something like a blog. The WordPress platform is very easy to learn and extremely versatile in how it can be used – as a matter of fact, CatalystMLM is run entirely on this platform. You can create your own website quite simply with a GoDaddy account to purchase a domain and web hosting. These days you don’t need to be a computer programmer to create a website as WordPress has themes, plugins, and tutorials for just about everything. If you are unfamiliar with the world of creating websites, make sure to take the process slow and ask questions along the way. There are rarely never are there questions that cannot be answered by Google or Youtube.

Even when you are not blogging or working to build a brand online there are ways to build relationships that will grow your business. Marketers often use things called capture pages or landing pages to promote their business, as these are highly targeted webpages that communicate the need to act. We use a software called LeadPages, shown in the video below, to market our MLM online as it enables us very quickly and easily create a webpage from one of their many templates. We absolutely love their software and highly recommend it as a tool to your arsenal if you are looking to do any online promotion. Having a simple solution to create these pages enables you to create a message that speaks directly to the audience you are targeting. This means that you can have a higher conversion rate and be more effective at marketing your multi-level marketing business online.

POWER TIP: Create Great Design. There is a reason the CatalystMLM website looks so pretty and that is because we found a truly amazing web designer. While you may not be ready to hire a full-time designer, you should still focus on making things look good. Most of the people promoting MLM online have disgustingly hideous websites that are slow, unintuitive, and dysfunctional. By putting even a small amount of effort into the design of your website, you will immediately stand out from others in the industry. Think about the first time you saw the CatalystMLM website; what was your first impression? Were you surprised that something in the multi-level marketing industry could be so beautiful? I sure was! LeadPages (not to beat a dead horse, but we really do love it) has a plethora of editable templates that are not only beautiful – they have also been tested and optimized to have the highest possible conversion rates. WordPress has a number of free themes for their platform, but you can buy a premium theme from sites like WooThemes and StudioPress for $50 to $80 – it makes a BIG difference. Take the extra effort as it is often the small things that pay off in a big way.

Step 4: Act On Your Leads

As you market your MLM online, you will most certainly generate leads of people who are interested in your product, service, or business opportunity. It is extremely important that you act on these leads by connecting with them and continually progressing both the conversation and the relationship. If you are actively marketing your business then the time required to follow-up with people can very quickly seem daunting. For this reason, we highly recommend utilizing an email marketing service like Aweber or MailChimp. Using an email marketing software, you can easily create something called an ‘auto-responder’ which is a series of emails that are sent on a schedule after someone opts-in to your email list. Most marketers use an auto-responder as an opportunity to push their prospects toward a sale. This means that anyone who gave their email address in the interest of hearing more is hit with message after message saying “BUY NOW!!” and it very quickly pushes them away.

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.”
Charles Robert Buxton – Tweet This

Instead of using someone’s email to consistently jam something down your prospect’s throat, use it to build a relationship. You can very easily create a series of emails that tell a story, your story, and structure them to be sent out over the first few months the prospect has opted in to your list. Throughout these emails you can focus on topics like why you joined a multi-level marketing business, what freedom working from home offers you, how you spend your time while self-employed, and (most importantly) what they can expect to get in their relationship with you. Our auto-responder email series has enabled us to build relationships with thousands of people all at once. Some people are happy just to listen, but others respond to the emails to thank us for sharing our story and valuable information. We love it when people respond to our emails because with all this automated follow-up we have the time to write or call them back and further build the relationship.

POWER TIP: Be Consistent. All too often people are not consistent with their efforts and this dramatically decreases the likelihood of success. After I graduated college, my girlfriend at the time and I decided to get an unbelievably adorable miniature dachshund puppy. In our research beforehand we found that the most effective method of training your dog is called ‘positive reinforcement’ training. Explained simply, the premise of positive reinforcement is to ignore the bad behaviors and compliment the good ones. If the dog goes to the bathroom in the house, you don’t rub it’s nose in it and scream. You calmly collect the dog, walk outside, wait for the dog to go to the bathroom (or even attempt to do so), and then give overwhelming praise. Using this technique we were able to potty train our puppy in less than two weeks and we taught him to ring a bell every time he needed to go outside. This same technique can be applied to people and I know many college professors who have been using it in the classroom for years. The only way this works is if you, and everyone else involved, are rigidly consistent. Rituals like posting a new blog or sending a new email at the same day and time each week begin to subconsciously conform to the behavior of expecting and reading your message.

Step 5: Optimize Your Process

Once you have your process in place you can begin to optimize it for better results. One of the great features of the LeadPages software is that it has this functionality, called A/B testing, built in and is extremely easy to use. A/B testing is a method of marketing testing by which a baseline control sample is compared to a variety of single-variable test samples in order to improve response rates. This means that you can create two versions of the same page and change nothing other than the color of the title in order to see which makes people convert more highly. There are an infinite number of variables that you can focus on to improve the effectiveness of your efforts and, at least for us, it is extremely addicting to get just a little bit more efficient.

The first step to optimizing your process is to track your progress and collect data. MLM software like LeadPages has tracking elements built in and allows you to see how many people are visiting the page as well as how many are converting. When using WordPress or another web publishing platform you can implement Google Analytics to track your visitors, where they came from, how long they stayed on your site, etc. With email marketing software like Aweber or MailChimp you are able to track the open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates of your subscribers for each email you send. This data will enable you to make informed decisions as you move forward and dramatically increase the effectiveness with which you can build relationships.

Step 6: Repeat

The last step in this process is by far the most powerful – do it all again. You can create a new focus, a new message, and a new platform all over again. So many people try to speak to everyone and fail to connect with anyone. By identifying your niche and focusing your attention you will be able to build strong relationships and massive success with your MLM online. Begin with the end in mind, enjoy the process, and align yourself with other like-minded individuals as you grow. Make sure to post any questions in the comments below and let’s build relationships that grow expansive and lasting organizations!

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Brian brings his network marketing background and expertise to the forefront of the CatalystMLM team. He believes that people are confined only by the walls they create for themselves and seeks to help others overcome those, and any other, obstacles that impede them from success. Brian’s mission in life is to help others build their ideal lifestyle and check every last dream off their list because you only have one life and he wants to help you make it amazing. He is a multi-level marketer, internet marketer, social strategist, coach, Apple lover, new media nerd, runner, and world traveler.

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