How To Write Effective Headlines

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Write Effective Headlines

Writing copy can often become one of the most challenging tasks involved in marketing. When used in any channel it is important to remember that effective copywriting must compel the audience to action. Often acting as the primary voice for a business, it is crucial to structure your writing effectively. This all starts with writing an effective headline as people often use this as a measure of whether they should read further. Write effective headlines and start seeing results.

Copywriting: Write Effective Headlines

By definition:

Copywriting is the act of writing copy (text) for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, business, person, opinion or idea. The addressee (reader, listener, etc.) of the copy is meant to be persuaded to buy the product advertised for, or subscribe to the viewpoint the text shares.

Think of a headline as a starting point for drawing in customers. It’s like the hook that catches the fish; it’s a vital component in catching potential customers and getting them hooked on your product. People don’t have a lot of time to sit down and research your product from the onset, or at least they don’t think they do. By writing an effective headlines, you’re grabbing their attention, and soon enough they’ll be willing to devote more time to learning about your product or service. Keep it short and simple, but effective. Be creative, be inspirational, and watch your customer base grow.

Writing for Your Product

No one cares about your product, they only care about what it can do for them. ~ Neville Medhora

Think about the product or service you are selling. How can this improve a person’s daily life? How is this product better than the competition? How did this product stand out and originally capture your attention? Try to think back to when you first learned about the product or service and think about what exactly got you hooked. Use this to show your potential customer base how the product will be good for them. Always keep your product in mind and make sure it’s clear what you are selling.

Don’t forget to identify your niche market and to target your headlines for this. You don’t want to market your product to those who have little interest in your product’s field, you want to make sure to target those who are more likely to find your product useful. If your niche market is women, make sure to write a headline that will capture the attention of a female market. If your niche market is parents, don’t waste your time writing headlines that are engaging to those outside of the parental market. Be informative, be efficient.

Use Keywords or Phrases to Capture an Audience

Start simple: think of the one thing that you want to get across to your audience and pare it down into one simple thought. Remove any and all words that waste time and distract the reader from the message. Always keep in mind what your customers are looking for; get inside of their heads to figure out how to sell to them. Your headlines should capture an audience because you’ve offered them a product that will enrich their lives. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box; the more unconventional your headline, the more likely a customer will be intrigued. Be compelling, be unconventional. Write effective headlines to deepen your customer base.

In summation, ask yourself these questions when writing a headline: What are you selling and to whom? How will this product enrich this person’s life? Is this headline attention-grabbing, will it stop a potential customer in his or her tracks and make them want to learn more? Does the headline speak to your niche market? If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to knowing how to write effective headlines.

J. Audrey Hoy is the CatalystMLM team’s resident wordsmith. With a master’s of fine arts degree from New York University, J. Audrey has served as an Adjunct Instructor of Creative Writing at NYU and she currently works as the Content Editor and contributor at CatalystMLM. Originally hailing from the Chicagoland area, J. Audrey has previously resided in Iowa City, Brooklyn and currently lives in Burlington, Vermont. She spends her free time reading novels, writing, exploring the Burlington area and enjoying the outdoors.

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