Internet Marketing Strategies: How to Increase Email and Link Clicks

August 28th, 2013 by
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Remember when people used to stand on the streets in freezing cold weather to hand out flyers? Remember when your family dinner would be interrupted by a sales call? What about back in the day when you’d check your mail and your box would be overflowing with coupons and sales pitches from local businesses? Oh wait, that still happens. But the good news is that marketing campaigns have certainly evolved over the past decade or so, and more people are taking advantage of the internet to communicate with potential customers. You, too, can grow your business by using some simple internet marketing strategies.

Even better, the advantage of internet marketing is it works wonders in weeding out those that aren’t interested, because people who visit your YouTube channel, Facebook page, or sign up for your email campaign have personally sought you out, and therefore you can deduce that they’re interested in your network marketing company or product.

Communicating via email, social media or video outlets is only one step in driving traffic to your website, however. And driving traffic to your site is only one step along the way in making a sale. How does one communicate effectively in order to get traffic flowing toward a certain site, and in turn increase the potential for a sale? By grabbing the attention of your readers in the subject line of an email, or the heading of any other communication piece. Derek Halpern of Social Triggers has one easy strategy for increasing link or email clicks by up to 35%. Watch the video below as Derek reveals his simple trick to increase clicks and drive more traffic to your site.

Positive vs. Negative

So let’s talk about the difference between positive framing and negative framing, and what it means for your internet marketing campaign. Positive framing means using words that show the reader how they can benefit from your content, like “great”, “time-saving”, and in Derek’s case, “perfect”. Negative framing shows the readers how they can avoid loss, like “worst”, “bad”, or “unfavorable”. Research shows that by framing your emails negatively, you can increase your clicks by up to 35%. Why? Because people are willing to work harder to fight loss than they are to potentially gain. When you use negative framing, people shift into “loss prevention” mode. In Derek’s example, instead of learning when the perfect time for a meeting is, people want to know how they will lose if they schedule a meeting at the worst time.

The Key is Moderation

Like everything in life, too much negative framing can be a bad thing. If you constantly use a negative hook, people will begin to associate you and your company with feelings of gloom and pessimism. Keep the mood light and mix it up, and the long-term effects will be a diverse marketing campaign that informs and inspires.

And remember, when using a positive or a negative hook on an email or communication piece, avoid hyperbole. Don’t exaggerate potential losses or gains, or use scare tactics to get your readers to open your emails, like Become an Instant Millionaire with One Sales Technique! or Take this Advice or Fail! You don’t want to risk losing credibility by being hyperbolic, by not using research to back up your claims.

Put These Internet Marketing Strategies to Use

Think of a puddle of water. It’s stagnant, not really going anywhere except maybe evaporating into the air. Now think of a drain, all of the water is collecting and flowing into the drain and through a pipe. This is internet traffic. It’s static, free floating and not really being directed anywhere. A great internet marketing campaign can open up that drain and get that traffic flowing toward your site, and the more visitors you have on your site, the more you’re able to reach out to those that are interested in buying your product. Use these internet marketing strategies to grow your business.

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