EP.40 – Jessica Higdon Shares How To Harness The Power Of Social Media: The 3 Keys To Creating Six-Figure Success In MLM

October 14th, 2013 by

Fresh out of college with no business experience or rapport, Jessica Higdon felt that she had to find a way to prove herself and establish credibility before she could become successful. It was not until later that she realized the limiting belief of being “too young” to achieve this was entirely self imposed. With that realization, Jessica built her champion mindset and got to work creating massive success. Using the power of the Facebook, she built an income of more than $10,000 per month in under one year and eventually became the top female earner in her company. Listen in as she shares the methods for using social media to create lasting relationships that have propelled her, and her team members, towards MLM success in every way possible.

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“Work smarter not harder.” – Tweet This
“Success is not easy, but it can be simple.” – Tweet This
“Don’t be a sales person, be a problem solver.” – Tweet This
“Share value driven content with a purpose and a plan.” – Tweet This
“You can do anything if you stop trying to do everything.” – Tweet This
“Little steps lead to big steps which lead to bigger checks.” – Tweet This
“If you leave the house without a destination, all you will get is lost.” – Tweet This
“It’s the productivity that counts, not how many hours you’re spending.” – Tweet This
“When you prospect someone they will first look at who you are as a person.” – Tweet This
“Limiting beliefs are just that. They exist only in your head and they hold you back.” – Tweet This
“It is important to create a target, but remember that people don’t like to be targeted.” – Tweet This
“It’s amazing where you can come from and where you can go to – if you allow yourself.” – Tweet This
“You can grow the business part-time or full-time, but you can’t grow it some of the time.” – Tweet This
“In the first 10-30 seconds of meeting you, online or in person, people create their opinion of you.” – Tweet This

MODULE 1: Profile Positioning & Branding

– Build a profile filled with respectable and truthful content
– Don’t be a robot and focus on creating a platform for relationships
– Balance how much you speak about your personal and business life

MODULE 2: Finding & Targeting Your Ideal Prospect

– Discover the digital hangout spots of your ideal prospect
– Look for positive, non-argumentative, active, and busy people
– Remember your goal is to bring a cold prospect into your warm market

MODULE 3: Relationship & Rapport Building

– Reach out to people in your target audience in a very strategic way
– Offer answers to the questions that your ideal prospect would have
– Share a variety of value driven content your ideal prospect would want

Resources We Shared:

Facebook Recruiting Formula by Jessica Higdon
How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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