EP.42 – Judy Boger Shares The Power of Balance: How To Achieve Abundance Through Clear Understandable Steps

November 18th, 2013 by
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Working as a nurse and office manager, Judy Boger had consistently come across the multi-level marketing industry and never found herself in a position to say ‘yes’ to an opportunity. It wasn’t until 1992 that, while living a very comfortable life, she found herself looking for extra income to put her kids through college. Starting her business by focusing on retailing the products, it was when her customers began to ask if they too could earn income doing the same that it all clicked. Judy worked diligently to climb to the top of her company to make a six-figure income and has committed herself to helping others achieve abundance and live their ideal lifestyle.

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“If you’re not alive then you can’t keep living.” – Tweet This
“What you’re worrying about may never even happen.” – Tweet This
“If you don’t know where you’re going, all roads lead there.” – Tweet This
“Plan your life around your kids instead of around your work.” – Tweet This
“Every check has a period, but I like checks with commas on them.” – Tweet This
“Always point out the good things in people and the bad things will disappear.” – Tweet This
“Family members are the hardest, but they’re the ones we want to help the most.” – Tweet This
“You can’t force someone into the business and you can’t force them to see what you see.” – Tweet This
“If you bring someone into the business make sure they make money quickly so they see the value.” – Tweet This
“Don’t think about the worst think that could happen. Think about the best thing and aim for that.” – Tweet This
“If your lips are moving you should be introducing, pointing, or reading – other than that, listen.” – Tweet This
“Seeing a vision for the future and being able to share that vision was what got the business going.” – Tweet This
“No one wants to get on a train if they don’t know where it’s going. Have a destination and share it.” – Tweet This
“I had no respect for network marketing because I didn’t know anything about network marketing.” – Tweet This

Resources We Shared:

Being The Best You Can Be In MLM by John Kalench
How To Make Stress Your Friend a TEDtalk with Kelly McGonigal
How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie
Think and Grow Rich: Your Key to Financial Wealth and Power by Napoleon Hill

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