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Love You Forever - Entrepreneur Storytime Network MarketingWhether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new distributor, you understand the power of the multi-level marketing model. You have the opportunity to work hard for a few years to then enjoy financial freedom for the rest of your life. What’s often overlooked is that the people who actually reach this level of success are the same ones that love it far too much to walk away from the process. Those who achieve the top ranks do so because they are more committed to their goals than to the air in their lungs.

“I’m not telling you it will be easy, I’m telling you it will be worth it.” – Tweet This

To build success in any multi-level marketing company you must see your business as your baby. Rather than raise it with the intention of abandoning it, look forward to watching it grow beyond you while still loving it just the same. True entrepreneurs understand the value of love within a business, do you?

“As long as I’m living an entrepreneur I will be.” – Tweet This

This video was based on the children’s book ‘Love You Forever’ by Robert Munsch. As a child, my mother read this story to me on a regular basis as she likely was looking forward to the day when she could love me without me driving her crazy. I dedicated this video to her because she always had faith that I would be something more than a troublemaker and she loved me every second of every day before that happened.

“Do you love your business in the same way your mother loves you?” – Tweet This

Tell us what you liked about this video in the comments. Did anything within it resonate with you and your journey? What storybook would you like to see featured in the next episode of Entrepreneur Storytime?

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Brian brings his network marketing background and expertise to the forefront of the CatalystMLM team. He believes that people are confined only by the walls they create for themselves and seeks to help others overcome those, and any other, obstacles that impede them from success. Brian’s mission in life is to help others build their ideal lifestyle and check every last dream off their list because you only have one life and he wants to help you make it amazing. He is a multi-level marketer, internet marketer, social strategist, coach, Apple lover, new media nerd, runner, and world traveler.

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  • Tanya Aliza

    This is so creative and awesome. LOVE the message! My mom used to read that book to my sister and I!

    • CatalystMLM

      Thank you Tanya! I know you love your business and your audience just as much as your mom loves you :) It was always my favorite book too :) ~Brian

  • Pat Petrini

    Soooooo awesome! Great work!

    • CatalystMLM

      Thanks Pat!

  • Aaron Kennard

    Awesome Brian! Love the creativity. Got a good laugh out of a number of the phases in there. Fun video.

    • CatalystMLM

      Thanks so much Aaron! Glad you got value from it :)