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MLM Forum | CatalystMLM - IconThank you for being a part of the CatalystMLM community! We greatly appreciate your participation in the MLM Forum, a place for people across the MLM industry to connect and work together. Having been a part of numerous forums over the years we built something that facilitated meaningful discussions and prevented endless link spam. Our goal with the MLM forum, as will the CatalystMLM community as a whole, is to provide the environment and resources for people to build success while creating a better industry.

Build a sphere of influence.

The MLM forum is a place where you can share and discuss marketing strategies, best practices, and valuable resources that foster growth. Not only is this be a place for people to connect and exchange this knowledge, but you will also be able to build yourself up as a leader in the industry. By expanding your own education you will have the opportunity to help others who come after you and will be rewarded in a menagerie of ways.

***MLM Forum Terms & Conditions***

  1. Please do not make the forum one big advertisement. This is not a place to sell or pitch to our peers.
  2. All threads that contain no content and are nothing but a ‘test’ or an ‘advertisement’ will be deleted.
  3. All posts must stay on the thread or category topic as this makes the forum more easy to navigate. For example, you wouldn’t want to talk about “recruitment strategy” in the “business efficiency” category.
  4. If you link out randomly to your when it is not relevant, the thread or post will be deleted. If the links are relevant to the thread, that’s fine. Please use your best judgment and respect others in the community.
  5. Please do not use affiliate links anywhere in this forum. When you do externally link (to another website), do it because you want to help someone – not because you see a quick opportunity to make some money.
  6. Be respectful of other people’s opinions and ideas. It’s okay to disagree and have different opinions, but present your case tactfully as there will never be only one solution to a problem. This is a community.
  7. Try to add genuine value to the conversation when you post on a topic. Don’t just type something along the lines of “what they said” as it degrades the quality of the conversation and the value of the forum.
  8. Use proper grammar to the best of your ability. I understand that English may not be everyone’s primary language, but please make an attempt. You won’t get in trouble for a misplaced comma or for typos, but it would greatly helps the community if you make sure that everyone can understand your message.
  9. No adult material. Be mindful that there will be users much younger than you. While multi-level marketing presents the opportunity to work from home please be respectful that this is a business oriented community.
  10. “Bumping” threads should be kept to a limit. This means you shouldn’t keep replying to your own thread (without anyone else replying in between) to get it back to the top without waiting at least three days. As the forum grows, it can get very spammy with tons of users constantly bumping and degrades the forum.
  11. When it comes to signatures, the maximum length of a signature is TWO LINES and only ONE LINK is allowed in your signature. No affiliate links allowed and all attempts will be automatically recoded.

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