MLM Recruiting: Todd Falcone on Sponsoring Up

August 26th, 2013 by
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Many people who are getting started with their own MLM business have trouble obtaining new recruits, because MLM recruiting can be a daunting task. You’re passionate about the product and you’re passionate about helping people achieve success, but you hit a brick wall when trying to convert prospects into enrollees. Why is this? Perhaps you’re recruiting the wrong way. Learn these simple steps to recruit the right way.

Sponsoring Up

In the video clip below, Todd Falcone tells listeners how to obtain qualified, talented network marketing recruits. Take a look as he reveals his MLM recruiting secrets.

It’s All About Who You Know

What is Todd Falcone’s secret? Instead of wasting time with prospects that aren’t interested in forking out cash for the product you’re selling, why not target those that have the money to spend? By moving up the socio-economic ladder, you’ll find that your potential recruits aren’t strapped by income, and focus their decisions based on interest in the product, not money.

But what happens if they’re not interested? That’s perfectly okay, just remember that you’ve gotten your first foot in the door at sponsoring up. Ask them these simple four words: Who do you know? It is essential to network with those who have encountered a good amount of success in their lives, and by asking who they know, you’re asking for a list of recruits that could be interested in joining your team. Successful people have successful friends. It’s all about who you know.

The Heads Up on MLM Recruiting

Always remember to keep your eyes up and ahead, not below. Set your sights high, aim for the top when it comes to MLM recruiting. This is a business, so like any business, you have to push beyond your comfort level and approach new people in order to make sales. You have the capabilities to open up the possibilities and unlock the door to success. Start by utilizing the right recruiting methods; use the secret of sponsoring up, not down, to build your prospect list.

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