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    Opportunity: Find The Right Fit

    01. Find the right opportunity

    02. Work with a successful team

    03. Understand your market and industry

    04. Protect yourself from false promises and scams

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    Mindset: Be The Gatekeeper Of Your Thoughts

    01. Keep a positive mindset and control your own state

    02. Protect yourself from hardship and negative people

    03. Motivate yourself and have a powerful internal message

    04. Share your positive state and enchant those around you

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    Planning: Focus On The Future

    01. Identify a detailed definition of your success

    02. Have a better idea of what to expect

    03. Invest your time wisely for ongoing success

    04. Learn how to continue growth long term

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    Relationships: Build Connections With Success

    01. Build relationships with powerful partners

    02. Develop accountability partners, mentors, and advisors

    03. Learn to find and partner with experts who foster growth

    04. Expand your network in ways that will grow your business

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    Marketing: Grow Awareness Of Your Business

    01. Promote your business both online and offline

    02. Generate leads without paying for them

    03. Utilize the expansive power of social media

    04. Learn when is the right time to pay for advertising

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    Sales: Communicate The Necessity Of Your Product

    01. Communicate with your customers

    02. Become a master of persuasion and engagement

    03. Address and overcome key customer concerns

    04. Increase sales effectiveness in-person or on the phone

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    Recruiting: Develop A Powerful Team

    01. Recruit more successful business builders

    02. Train your team to be powerful and effective

    03. Create an organization that grows sustainably

    04. Protect yourself from getting overwhelmed

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    Business: Increase Efficiency & Productivity

    01. Automate and outsource your business as much as possible

    02. Save time and energy on paperwork, taxes, and other office work

    03. Learn where to commit your focus and attention

    04. Work on your business, not in it

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