EP.48 – Natalie Sisson Shares How She Quit Her Job To Travel The World: The Amazing Birth Of ‘The Suitcase Entrepreneur’

December 30th, 2013 by
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In 2010, parting with eight years of experience in corporate marketing and communications, Natalie Sisson left her corporate life to travel the world and has been living out of her suitcase ever since. She founded and grew ‘The Suitcase Entrepreneur’ into a thriving online community of thousands of people all yearning to inject more excitement into their lives. Venturing far beyond her home country of New Zealand she as traveled to more than 65 countries (so far) while writing for the likes of Forbes, Under30CEO, Huffington Post, and more, Natalie provides both inspiration and education to the aspiring world traveler. Her story is one filled with just as much passion as it is with actionable insights.

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“Be curious about the world.” – Tweet This
“Perfectionism is actually a form of procrastination.” – Tweet This
“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.” – Tweet This
“Why are we doing all of this if not to enjoy our lives now?” – Tweet This
“The stronger your vision is the more you’ll move towards it.” – Tweet This
“You can put little bits of your ideal day into every single day.” – Tweet This
“It’s about freedom. The freedom to choose what you want to do.” – Tweet This
“Hustle, determination, and a sense of belief can get you anywhere.” – Tweet This
“Create products and programs around the problems of your audience.” – Tweet This
“Give value without selling, but provide next steps if people want to go deeper.” – Tweet This
“Recognize your individual strengths, find your zone of genius, and build your team.” – Tweet This
“People don’t choose freedom because they don’t have a clear idea of what freedom looks like.” – Tweet This

Resources We Shared:

How I Hacked Online Dating (TEDtalk) with Amy Webb
QR Codes Kill Kittens (Video) by Scott Stratton
How To Pack Like An Expert & Live Out Of A Suitcase (Video) by Natalie Sisson
Natalie’s Suitcase: The Rimowa Salsa Air on Zappos

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