Recruiting for MLM: Lessons from Todd Falcone

July 23rd, 2013 by
Recruiting for MLM

Recruiting for MLM isn’t easy. When you first started your MLM business, you probably wrote down a list of family members and friends that you thought could benefit from your product. You put the word out there, you told everyone you know that you were starting a business and you offered information about your product. But what happens when you run out of friends and family members to target? That’s when the real prospecting kicks in. Take a look at your daily routine and write down all of the times you encounter a potential prospect, whether in person or on paper or online.

In the clip below, Todd Falcone talks about how he always writes down the numbers of realtors as he passes “For Sale” signs in yards. He advises to take business cards and numbers off of cork boards and community forums. Anywhere you go, there are many opportunities that present themselves in the form of phone numbers or email address. Be perceptive to all of these possibilities, and use these to your advantage.

Widen Your Horizons When Recruiting for MLM

In order to recruit for your MLM business, you need to always be observant and prepared. Don’t let any opportunity pass you up. Take advantage of the selling market; those who are trying to sell something themselves may be more open to listening to your pitch. They may be interested in selling your product and joining your team. If they decide to join your company, you’ve just recruited someone with sales experience. Finding prospects and recruiting for MLM could be as simple as looking around you.

Realtors are just one example of a market that can be tapped into by simple observation techniques. Any time you’re approached with a sales pitch, let that person know about your opportunities. Check bulletin boards and community forums for listings from people who are also trying to sell a product or service. Stay alert to all the possibilities that present themselves to you on a daily basis. Open your scope of visibility, widen the lens to let in more prospects.

Prospecting Takes Creativity

Be creative with who you target. Think outside the box to open up more possible prospects. Remember that the world around you is teeming with opportunity, and in order to tap into all these possibilities, you need to be perceptive and tenacious. Build your MLM team by sponsoring up, and make sure to take advantage of all the possibilities that present themselves to you every day. Recruiting for MLM is no longer a daunting task if you have the confidence you need to succeed.

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