EP.28 – Richard Matharoo Shares How Financial Gain Offers A Bigger Platform To Make A Difference: The Value of Giving Value

August 12th, 2013 by
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Born with the spirit of an entrepreneur, Richard Matharoo has been self-employed in some fashion since he was 18-years-old. With the birth of his first child he recognized that he was facing a problem to which so many small business owners fall prey – he didn’t own his business, his business owned him. Richard sought a means to spend more time with his family while having the financial resources to live comfortably and help others achieve similar goals. His search led him to the multi-level marketing industry where he eventually connected with a powerful mentor. Richard explains how he attracted success and helps others achieve the same.

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The ‘30 Ways In 30 Days: Proven Paths To Success‘ interview series features MLM millionaires, industry leading multi-level marketing trainers, powerhouse network marketing business coaches, best selling authors, and even a professional sword swallower. All of them have come together in this exclusive series to give your business value by sharing their stories, experiences, and secrets to success through inspirational education.

“If you have that passion, that belief, and that hunger it is like the fuel in a vehicle that’s driving you forward. You may take the wrong turns in the road, but sooner or later you will find the way to your destination. However, If you take the fuel out of the vehicle it doesn’t matter if it’s a perfectly straight road and the destination is in sight – you’re never going to get there. You always need to have your fuel.” ~ Richard Matharoo


“Do your best and forget the rest.” – Tweet This
“Don’t look over the fence, it’s a rocky road.” – Tweet This
“Consistency is difficult, but it’s key to success.” – Tweet This
“It’s not about the money, it’s about what the money brings.” – Tweet This
“As marketers, we package the truth in the best possible light.” – Tweet This
“If you slow down enough to build rapport you will be more successful.” – Tweet This
“If you reach twice as many people your income will grow twice as much.” – Tweet This
“People too often focus on helping others and forget to help themselves.” – Tweet This
“You don’t need to sell the company, you just need to sell the appointment.” – Tweet This
“The problem with approaching everybody is that it appeals to nobody.” – Tweet This
“Having a mentor is one of the most handy tools to have when building success.” – Tweet This
“You are bound to attract like-minded people. Who they are is entirely up to you.” – Tweet This
“If you seek out people like you, they are bound to be facing the same difficulties.” – Tweet This
“Leaders in MLM are not different than anyone else – just a bit further down the track.” – Tweet This
“The system works, but it only works in the hands of someone who is willing to work it.” – Tweet This
“You must monetize your efforts to help others, not out of greed, but to increase your reach.” – Tweet This
“Even if you haven’t seen success yet, if you have a plan for success you are ahead of others.” – Tweet This

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Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action by Simon Sinek
How Great Leaders Inspire Action on CatalystMLM

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