Shed the Coat of Invisibility: How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

August 15th, 2013 by
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Ever wonder how people increase their website readership from zero to thousands in what seems like just a few months? How do certain blogs gain so much popularity over a short period of time, while others are left by the wayside? How do you drive more traffic to your blog? The internet is a vast ocean of information and websites, and the mystery is that some sink to the bottom while others rise to the top. How does one crack the mystery and rise to the top in visibility to create a prominent web presence?

It’s easier than you think. In fact, it’s much easier than you think. Derek Halpern of Social Triggers offers some of his own (and very simple) advice for how to increase traffic to your blog and expand your visibility online.

Write an Email

Reach out to those that already have the audience that would be ideal for you to have as well. This audience is a group of people that you believe would benefit from your product and your message, and you’re trying everything to attract their attention and direct them to your site. But you’re forgetting one simple clue to unlocking the door to their attention: they are only one degree of separation (or one email) away from you. Go ahead and write that email to unlock access to higher visibility.

Below are some tips to get started with crafting your email:

  • Look for common ground between yourself and the person you are emailing. If this person can relate to you and your site, or if they find something familiar in the email, they’re more likely to feel comfortable spreading your message. With so much spam out there today, you don’t want your email to be misunderstood and read as a “carpet-bombing” campaign of mass sending, so make sure to personalize your email so your intended reader knows you’ve reached out to them and them only.
  • Demonstrate expertise and credibility. You don’t want to come across as a novice or that you’re untrustworthy, you want to make sure your intended reader will respect you and find your email useful and informative. It’s about building trust; relationships cannot be built without trust.
  • Share your real motive. This goes along with establishing credibility, you don’t want to come across as dishonest. Be truthful and upfront and your reader will respect your efforts instead of being dubious about your credentials.

Click Send

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and ask for help from the industry leaders and experts. Chances are, they started from the bottom as well, and they were once (and probably still are) sending emails and marketing their product in any way that they can. And if you aren’t met with positive feedback or willingness to partake, don’t give up. You’ll never know how far your marketing efforts can take you unless you continue to put yourself out there.

Pass it On

Think of the online community as a team of people who are all invested in each other’s success. Once you establish a general readership and continue to market your website, don’t forget to help others who are just getting start by directing some of your readers to their website, and they just may continue promoting your site after they’ve built their base. Promote positive relationships and you’ll be surrounded with good energy.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog and Build an Online Community

Derek Halpern offers some great, and super simple, steps to building an online community and increasing visibility on the web. Write an email, click send. Find one person that has an audience that you want to attract and get them to send some of their audience to you. It’s that simple. It’s time to quit hiding, shed the coat of fear that’s holding you back from reaching a wider readership and driving traffic to your blog, and go for it. Write an email, click send.

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J. Audrey Hoy is the CatalystMLM team’s resident wordsmith. With a master’s of fine arts degree from New York University, J. Audrey has served as an Adjunct Instructor of Creative Writing at NYU and she currently works as the Content Editor and contributor at CatalystMLM. Originally hailing from the Chicagoland area, J. Audrey has previously resided in Iowa City, Brooklyn and currently lives in Burlington, Vermont. She spends her free time reading novels, writing, exploring the Burlington area and enjoying the outdoors.

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