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Building a downline for network marketing can seem intimidating at first, but it can also be exciting. It’s the chance to speak with new people, to get to know them and to offer them something that could potentially better their lives. It takes confidence, and once you acquire the communication skills you need in order to approach prospects and present your product, you’ll find yourself thinking outside the realm of family and friends and wondering who’s next on the prospect list. That’s where sponsoring up comes into play.

Remember Sponsoring Up?

Todd Falcone gave us his insider secrets on what it means to sponsor up when recruiting. Sponsoring up is the act of going after those who are successful, moving up the socioeconomic ladder instead of down. People who are successful in their field are more likely to have expendable income, and are more likely to be excited about enrolling in your business. And sponsoring up also gives you a good chance to network with others that are successful by asking them who they know.

Todd Falcone’s sponsoring up advice was so popular that the public has asked for more, which is why he has given us a brief update on the technique. Watch the clip below for some updates on how to speak about your company when sponsoring up.

Three Techniques for Building a Downline

1. Be Chill

But not informal. You want to be relaxed and casual enough where the person you’re speaking with feels like you’re making a personal connection, and not like you’re checking a number off the list and moving on to the next one. Think about how you would speak with an acquaintance; keep it friendly, but not mechanical. Just because you’re sponsoring up and targeting successful people doesn’t mean you should switch into a rigid, stiff conversational tone.

2. The Right Materials for Your Target Audience

Think about the materials you have and the system you use to prospect. Now visualize what audience would get the most out of those materials. As Todd Falcone puts it, if you have an audio CD, people who spend a lot of time in their cars would probably get the most out of this, like travelling salespeople. Use the resources you have with you already to target successful people that would find use of your product and your marketing materials when building a downline.

3. Turning a Yes into a Definitely

A sale isn’t made based on an initial yes, the sale is made when the person shows genuine interest and decides to move forward with the business by enrolling or purchasing the product. Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched, don’t hang up the phone as soon as you’ve gotten some general information. Develop a deeper connection by assessing their response and determining if the person is truly interested.

But you also don’t want to keep the person on the line for more time than they can spare. Todd Falcone advises to ask the person if it’s a good time to chat, and if so, keep it short and simple but gauge their attitude in a way that’s going to let you know if they are really passionate about the opportunity.

Want More?

Remember to always be perceptive when looking for potential recruits and building a downline, let the world around you open up and take advantage of every opportunity to prospect. Carry a pen with you to write down the names of professionals you meet on a daily basis, pull business cards and numbers off community forums, and keep your eyes open for anyone who could benefit from your business. Also, check out Todd Falcone’s Insider Secrets to learn more about recruiting professionals and the secrets to growing your downline.

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