Starting A Movement In Network Marketing

July 24th, 2013 by
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Starting a MovementHave you ever heard the phrase, “when it rains, it pours”? A little momentum can turn a little rain into a storm of success. In the MLM business, sometimes all it takes is a leader and a few followers in order to generate growth within a chosen field.Starting a movement can be hard at first, but with enough perseverance and a willingness to put yourself out on the line, you’ll find the followers you need to succeed. What does it take to start that slow drizzle, and turn it into a downpour?

Think of yourself as a leader and your MLM business as a movement. You’re passionate about your product and your prospects, and you’re looking to convert potential customers into real ones. People need to be motivated to action in order to follow your lead, you need to excite those around you and spread the passion. Once you have your first few followers, others will come.

In the clip below, Derek Sivers talks about how a movement is started. Watch as the “lone nut” puts himself out on the line, gets a few people to take the bait, and builds momentum from there.

A leader needs the guts to be ridiculed, to be the “lone nut”. Once he or she can see that his or her movement has a follower, they must embrace the first follower as an equal. This is what builds a team, a team where everyone is involved in pushing the message. Now the “lone nut” has become the leader of the team, and the momentum builds from there. Soon the movement is the “in crowd”, and everyone wants a piece.

Your MLM business runs on the same fuel as a movement. If you exude enthusiasm in your business, others will catch the enthusiasm and want to be a part of it. Nurture your first few customers; remember that it’s about the movement, and not about you. If you don’t continue to motivate your team, the passion could fizzle out. Offer advice, be available and encouraging, and push boundaries to accomplish the goals of the organization.

Take Derek Sivers advice and know that leadership is over-glorified, it’s the whole team that counts. Starting a movement is about spreading your passion.

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