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EP.23 – Peter Voogd Shares Why All Fear Is Contagious: How To Vaccinate Yourself, Rise To The Top, & Live A Life Of Freedom

Date posted: August 7, 2013

Peter Voogd RealVIPSuccess Cutco Interview

Having experienced a very simple, yet powerful, mental shift early in his life Peter Voogd began to understand the value of having total control over his income. As he discovered more an more venues for creating wealth, Peter realized that all too often people have misconceptions about earning money outside of working for someone else. […]

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EP.17 – Hal Elrod Shares How He Was Clinically Dead For Six Minutes: One Statement That Saved His Life & Changed Mine

Date posted: August 1, 2013

Hal Elrod Cant Change It

A powerhouse entrepreneur at age 19, Hal Elrod had become a record breaking sales rep for a $200 million marketing company – until everything change. His life was forever altered at age 20 when a drunk driver hit him head on at 70mph. Pronounced dead at the scene, Hal survived without a heartbeat for six […]

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EP.15 – Steve Adams Shares Secrets From 10 Years Of Sales Mastery In Simple Steps: How To Build Valued Relationships

Date posted: July 30, 2013

Steve Adams Cutco Sales Trainer MLM

As he was finishing high school in 2002, Steve Adams was accidentally introduced to Cutco by his mother as she encouraged him to get a job. With a passion for drawing out the enthusiasm of others he learned to focus on the person – not the sale. Following his mentor’s guidance, Steve learned to harness […]

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EP.03 – Pat Petrini Shares How Introverts Can Build A Six-Figure Income In MLM: It’s All About Knowing Where To Push

Date posted: July 18, 2013

Pat Petrini - Introverted MLM Success Story

Two years after joining his first MLM business, Pat Petrini was able to build a six-figure income and an organization ripe with active distributors. His secret to this triumph, and all those he has accomplished since, boils down to a few simple things that will either anger you or empower you. A natural introvert, Pat […]

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