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EP.31 – Jaime Tardy Shares How She Became Best Friends With A Plethora Of Millionaires: Simple Secrets To Absorbing Success

Date posted: August 15, 2013

Jamie Tardy Eventual Millionaire Interview MLM

Of all the things that an 8-year-old girl might yearn for, Jaime Tardy wanted wanted nothing more than to be a millionaire… not right away, but eventually. The journey to such great success, like any other, is never traveled in a straight line and after a six year stint in the corporate world Jaime started […]

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EP.15 – Steve Adams Shares Secrets From 10 Years Of Sales Mastery In Simple Steps: How To Build Valued Relationships

Date posted: July 30, 2013

Steve Adams Cutco Sales Trainer MLM

As he was finishing high school in 2002, Steve Adams was accidentally introduced to Cutco by his mother as she encouraged him to get a job. With a passion for drawing out the enthusiasm of others he learned to focus on the person – not the sale. Following his mentor’s guidance, Steve learned to harness […]

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