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EP.39 – Simon Chan Shares His Journey From Shy To Successful: How He Built Huge Time And Financial Freedom As An Introvert

Date posted: October 7, 2013

Simon Chan of USANA Interview

Once a shy kid from New York City, Simon Chan had made a conscious effort well into his college career to remain a fly on the wall. Still able to land his dream job out of college, Simon begun putting his heart and soul into his position with the National Basketball Association (NBA). After eight […]

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EP.20 – Scott McGee Shares How A Once Socially Awkward Nerd Built His MLM Business To $25 Million In Annual Sales

Date posted: August 4, 2013

Scott McGee of The MLM Blogger

Voted by his high school classmates to be “the nerdiest kid in school” Scott McGee was not known for his stellar abilities to communicate with others. Loan after loan he worked his way towards medical school, but when his 17-year-old sister became pregnant he wanted, like any older brother would, to help her be free […]

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EP.04 – Kate Northrup & Mike Watts Share How They Attracted Both Love & Wealth: ‘4 Simple Steps To Success In Anything’

Date posted: July 19, 2013

Kate Northrup and Mike Watts of USANA

Having started in multi-level marketing with USANA Health Sciences at the age of 18, Kate Northrup slowly, but surely, built her business during the summers and holidays of her college career. By the time she graduated, she was financially free and amassed an organization of more than 1,000 distributors within the six years following. Walking […]

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