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Unbridled Urgency: MLM Tips from Cesar Rodriguez

Date posted: October 7, 2013


How much can we learn about social behavior and the will to succeed in MLM from laws of physics? Isaac Newton’s laws of motion state that an object at rest will remain at rest, whereas a body in motion stays in motion. A network marketer at rest will remain stagnant, whereas a network marketer in […]

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EP.38 – David Wood and Jen Newman Share Their Secrets For Creating A Mindset And Lifestyle Of Great Abundance

Date posted: September 30, 2013

David Wood and Jen Newman Isagenix MLM

Seeing his parents separate at the age of seven, David Wood saw very clearly that if he wanted anything he had better be prepared to work for it. By the age of eleven, he had cleaned cars, worked in a retail, established two paper routes, and bred guinea pigs. Just after his twentieth birthday, David […]

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Enriching Life And Finding Success With Jordan Kemper

Date posted: September 26, 2013

enriching life

Everyday we’re confronted with tips and ideas for how to live a more enriching life: commercials inform us how to get a chiseled body, television tells us how to have the perfect home, posters show us where to travel. Magazines teach how to be a better spouse or how to make a delicious and low […]

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The Heat Is On: Turning a Cold Market Into a Warm Market

Date posted: September 16, 2013

illuminated bulb

Think of your MLM market like a sea and you’re the fisher. There’s a school of fish circling your boat and you’re aiming for them; these are your close circle of family and friends you’ve been targeting. You’ve caught a few, but suddenly the bites stop coming, and now you’ve exhausted this warm market and […]

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EP.36 – Chris Ducker Shares The Power Of A Virtual Business Lifestyle: Lessons In Delegation, Processes, and Systems

Date posted:

Chris Ducker Interview Virtual Staff Finder

In late 2008, just weeks after celebrating the first birthday of his third child, Chris Ducker hit a wall. He had been working nearly fifteen hours a day and realized that as an entrepreneur he was not running the business – he had become the business. Seeing what was in store if he remained in […]

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Race to Success: Your MLM Plan and Red Bull’s 400m Run

Date posted: September 11, 2013


In MLM, everyone starts at the bottom of the steep hill looking up, anticipating a long and rewarding climb to the top. Some will start out fast, others will gain momentum as they go. Some will quit, a few will make it all the way. Luck was not a factor in helping those who reached […]

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Fire Up Your Engines: What Ray Higdon Teaches Us About Opportunity

Date posted: September 6, 2013

Get Motivated Excited and Encouraged Speedometer

Ray Higdon wants to know: are you all in? Are you doing everything it takes to accomplish your goals and achieve success? Are you living and breathing the things you’re passionate about, are you using every opportunity you can to grow? Take a look around you at those that you know who are successful in […]

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Sponsoring Up for Building a Downline

Date posted: August 29, 2013

People group target

Building a downline for network marketing can seem intimidating at first, but it can also be exciting. It’s the chance to speak with new people, to get to know them and to offer them something that could potentially better their lives. It takes confidence, and once you acquire the communication skills you need in order […]

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Clicks and Currency: Why the Email Campaign?

Date posted: August 28, 2013

email marketing

So many people getting started in the MLM industry wonder how to use their time and marketing budget efficiently in order to maximize sales. Building a social media site and advertising on YouTube are all great ideas and a good way to spread the word about your company. But the oft overlooked, very effective method […]

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Internet Marketing Strategies: How to Increase Email and Link Clicks

Date posted:

colorful social network concept

Remember when people used to stand on the streets in freezing cold weather to hand out flyers? Remember when your family dinner would be interrupted by a sales call? What about back in the day when you’d check your mail and your box would be overflowing with coupons and sales pitches from local businesses? Oh […]

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