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EP.14 – Leigh Ellis Shares How He Went From Homeless To Successful With One Decision: The 3 Levels of Commitment

Date posted: July 29, 2013

Leigh Ellis MLM Speaker

In 2002, Leigh Ellis found himself homeless and living in his car with no direction in life. After months of this less than desirable lifestyle he made the decision that he was going to make a change. Leigh first began inside himself by changing his mindset and preparing himself for the journey. He was able […]

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EP.13 – David Hutcherson Shares Simple Mental Shifts That Changed His Life And Many Of Those Surrounding Him

Date posted: July 28, 2013

David Hutcherson Power of Part Time

It wasn’t until later in life that David Hutcherson looked back on his childhood and realized that he was destined to become an entrepreneur. It would almost seem that there was a point in his life where he had more small businesses than teeth. David, like so many others, went to college only to have […]

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EP.12 – Billy Chalmers Shares When You Should Give Up On Your Dreams And Stop Building In MLM (The Answer Is ‘Never’)

Date posted: July 27, 2013

Billy Chalmers Blue Diamond With Syntek Global

Like many others in the multi-level marketing industry, Billy Chalmers fought through multiple companies before truly connecting with an opportunity. After five failed attempts at building residual income he found Syntek Global and knew at his core that it was the right – his journey had begun. He didn’t achieve success in his first month […]

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Understanding Why People Fail

Date posted: July 26, 2013

young businessman hides under the laptop

Have you ever gotten your hopes up so high about a project or a goal that you set for yourself, only to realize you’ve fallen flat? Do you ever wonder why people fail? Success is not only the finish line, it’s the whole journey to get there. If you set your sights only on the […]

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Recruiting for MLM: Lessons from Todd Falcone

Date posted: July 23, 2013

Business Man Employer

Recruiting for MLM isn’t easy. When you first started your MLM business, you probably wrote down a list of family members and friends that you thought could benefit from your product. You put the word out there, you told everyone you know that you were starting a business and you offered information about your product. […]

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EP.08 – Jonathan Loudermilk Shares How His Income Exploded When He Learned To Make Helping Others His Primary Focus

Date posted:

Jonathan Loudermilk of Advocare

With a significant number of less-than-favorable experiences behind him Jonathan Loudermilk was extremely hesitant to get involved with another multi-level marketing company. Adamant that he wouldn’t become a distributor, his curiosity for a line of health products that he had used years before led him to become interested in learning more about how the company […]

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How To Write Effective Headlines

Date posted: July 22, 2013

Hands Writing

Writing copy can often become one of the most challenging tasks involved in marketing. When used in any channel it is important to remember that effective copywriting must compel the audience to action. Often acting as the primary voice for a business, it is crucial to structure your writing effectively. This all starts with writing […]

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Death Crawl Your Way to Success In MLM

Date posted:

Death Crawl from Facing The Giants

We ordinarily think of our goals as a finish line, a place-marker for success. We set goals and strive to achieve them in our daily lives, and when we finally crawl past that finish line we feel accomplished. But what if we were to reimagine this journey? Let’s say there is no finish line. Without […]

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EP.07 – Peter Speach Shares His Experience & Lessons From More Than 27 Years Of Success Within The MLM Industry

Date posted:

Peter Speach, Isagenix - MLM Leader

With the focus of his formal education in the field of fine arts, Peter Speach saw multi-level marketing as a means to build residual income and have more time in his studio. Some 27 years later and he has achieved that goal, and a great deal more, having built multiple organizations to more than 10,000 […]

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EP.06 – Robert Strong Shares How He Escaped 15 Years In A Corporate Pyramid Scheme & Created His Ideal Lifestyle

Date posted: July 21, 2013

Robert Strong MLM Leader

Tempted by the fallacy of climbing the corporate ladder of success, Robert Strong worked for 15 years from to build a life of financial freedom. He found himself losing more of personal life with each promotion he was awarded. When Robert realized that working 75+ hours a week to build someone else’s dream was taking […]

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