Unbridled Urgency: MLM Tips from Cesar Rodriguez

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How much can we learn about social behavior and the will to succeed in MLM from laws of physics? Isaac Newton’s laws of motion state that an object at rest will remain at rest, whereas a body in motion stays in motion. A network marketer at rest will remain stagnant, whereas a network marketer in motion will stay in motion, and motion is what breeds success. The more excited you are about presenting opportunities the less likely you are to let those opportunities pass you by. The harder you work, the more momentum you’ll have and the more you’ll accomplish.

Growing an MLM company from the ground up requires output and time, but it also requires enthusiasm and passion. In the video clip below, Cesar Rodriguez offers some great advice for knowing the difference between casualness and urgency. Watch as he discusses the importance of urgency in the MLM industry and what it can do for your business.

Casualness Creates Casualties

Is your business your hobby? Or is it your passion? Most people at one point in their lives have said to themselves they are going to succeed, whether at sports or family or business. But it’s not the decision to succeed, it’s the action to succeed that makes or breaks the path to victory. If your business is your passion, go at it full steam. Don’t be casual and don’t treat it like a hobby.

Being a casual network marketer is like walking on a treadmill to cover distance. Your miles will be tracked by the machine, but in reality you haven’t gained any ground. If you want to go the distance, you have to step off the mindless rotating tread and go after it yourself. Your business is your passion, so be a force in the industry. Be bold.

Urgency is Everything

Like Cesar Rodriguez says, “Somewhere out there there is someone who is working harder than you”. It’s not about the people that are better than you, it’s about how much harder they are working. You don’t have to be the first to cross the finish line, but you should be able to say you did your absolute best and gave it your all. You should be the most urgent, the most fired up, intense, and focused. The best of your ability will give you your personal best.

If a network marketer finds his or herself always one step behind the game, they are not being urgent enough. Cesar made a phone call and realized that he was two weeks too late. When he first started, he thought his timing was off, but in reality it wasn’t the timing but the lagging that mattered. Creating a sense of urgency fired him up and got him going and he strived to be the first one to offer opportunities from then on. Passion and motivation will light the match for success.

7 Tips for How to Stay Urgent and Motivated

Urgency takes excitement, it takes motivation. Being excited about an opportunity means you won’t let the moment pass you by. If you find you’re lacking in motivation or you’re in a slump, use these tips to get back in the game of enthusiasm and excitement.

Set goals and make them visible. Why did you first get started in network marketing? What did you have in mind when you entered the business? Assessing the why will help you understand what you want to achieve. Once you’ve outlined your vision, make it visible. Write it down somewhere where you can see it everyday. Don’t let go of it; keep it close at hand so you can refer to it frequently. Having your goals close and visible will inspire you to achieve them.

Have heroes and seek inspiration. Immerse yourself in the network marketing culture. Seek out any advice that can help you along the way, and look to industry leaders for tips or information about accomplishments in MLM. Those that have made it to the top in network marketing are excited to see others succeed, so listen to their words of encouragement to keep your motivation levels high.

Visualize success. Take a small amount of time every day or every week to actually visualize yourself achieving your goals. If you can see it, you’re more likely to believe it can actually happen.

Talk about your business. Letting people know about your network marketing venture is good for two reasons. First, you’re promoting your business and getting the word out there about your product, which can lead to higher sales and more recruits. But it also plays another important role. If people are aware you’re working on your own MLM business, the positive and encouraging people in your life can be your cheerleaders and root you on. Your fans can help you keep your motivation levels high.

Shed negativity. Talking about your business can reveal the encouragers and inspirers in your life, but it can also give insight into those that are intent on bringing you down. Naysayers are those who question your motives and discourage you from going further in MLM. It may be surprising to realize these mindsets exist, but you can prepare yourself for it by learning to ignore negative comments and making the commitment to push through barriers.

Celebrate any achievement. No matter how small the victory, relish in the spotlight of success any time you can. Congratulate yourself along the way and keep track of your achievements and refer to these when you’re feeling unmotivated. If you’re able to map your accomplishments, you’ll build confidence in your own abilities and construct a positive self-image.

Train. If you don’t have the skills you need to succeed in MLM, don’t get discouraged. Acquire. Learn new things, use every opportunity to obtain more industry knowledge and grow your skillset. If you’re prepared and properly equipped for success, you’ll feel more motivated and confident in yourself. You’ll be ready to take the world head on.

Full Steam Ahead

Making a decision doesn’t set off a motion. Action is what starts a movement, and urgency is what brings success. In the words of Cesar Rodriguez, “casualness creates casualties. Urgency is everything.” Don’t be casual about your passions. Be urgent, go after what you want and go hard. Remain in motion and don’t let your timing get off by lagging behind. Stay motivated and go after your dreams as fast as you’re capable.

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