What if You Could Meet Your Expectations (or Exceed Them)?

July 12th, 2013 by
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Meet Your Expectations

At some point, most of us will ask the question “How can I accomplish my goals and meet my expectations for my life?” or “Why is there such a gap between where I am in life today and where I want to be?” I want to submit that one of the main reasons that people never meet (or exceed) the expectations they’ve set for their lives is because they don’t actually take concrete steps towards accomplishing them.


Meet Your Expectations

For the purposes of our discussion, an expectation is the result that’s most likely to occur based on a belief. If you envision yourself as successful and recognize that hard work will get you there, then the chances are high that you’ll end up succeeding. Conversely, if you think that you’ll end up struggling all your life, then the chances are pretty good that’s how things are going to end up.

Setting Your Goals

Going hand in hand with expectations is goal setting. The process of regularly setting goals is the vehicle that will turn your vision of the future into reality. Your goals will clearly identify where you want to go in life, and what you want to achieve. By knowing what you want to achieve, you’ll identify the areas where you need to concentrate your efforts. You’ll also be able to quickly identify the distractions that are leading you off course.

The exercise of setting clear, attainable goals will ensure that you maintain your long-term vision and will provide for you short term-motivation. Goals will direct your acquisition of knowledge and will help you organize your time and resources to ensure that they remain in line with your goals. Put simply, your goals are the tools you’ll use to help meet your expectations. Your confidence will skyrocket as you begin experiencing success.

There have been many definitions of a goal; for these purposes a goal is as follows:

“A written statement that clearly describes certain actions or tasks with a measurable end result to be accomplished by a specific date.”

To elaborate on this definition, a goal must be written. If it is not written, it is merely an idea with no power, conviction or motivation behind it. For extra accountability, make your goals public. This will increase your commitment to your goal exponentially.

A well-written goal will clearly describe certain actions or tasks. This will eliminate misunderstandings between you, your colleagues, and your staff. A well written goal will include action verbs such as build, develop, design, organize, grow, etc.

It is important for a goal to have a measurable result and clearly defined outcome. A measurable goal is quantifiable. It is described in such a way that the actual result cannot be disputed.

Goals must have a timeframe for completion. A goal statement must identify a specific date by which the actions or tasks are to be completed.

An example of a goal might be: “By the end of December, I want to double CatalystMLM’s e-mail list”. It’s actionable, has a result that can be measured, and has a clear deadline. This is a helpful template to use while you become more familiar with creating goals for yourself.

This video is one of the more fun demonstrations of the concept of expectations that I’ve ever come across. Bobby McFerrin teaches the audience three notes, and from the notes that he learned, the audience able to infer the next eight. Together a beautiful piece of music is created through the power of expectation.

One thing that you can count on is that the results you experience in your life will always meet your expectations. Imagine that the goals you set are like the rungs on a ladder that will take you where you want to go. It’s time to start climbing.

“If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you will never change the outcome.” ~ Michael Jordan

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