Why People Don’t Buy What You’re Selling

April 14th, 2013 by
Categories: Sales
Why People Don't Buy

Many people often wonder why people don’t buy what their selling. They feel that they’re offering a great product, they pitch it well and they follow through. But in the end, their potential customers don’t seem interested. The list of potential customers is long, but the amount of buyers stays the same.

Increasing your sales is in no way related to your ability to acquire Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Even if people like you, respect your expertise, and need your product, you will still need to ask them to make the purchase.

“There are TOO many people who think their products will sell themselves. They think, ‘if I just create something that’s GREAT, the rest of it will fall into place.’ ” ~ Derek Halpert

Watch at Derek Halpern of Social Triggers answers a reader question of “why people don’t buy” and see if you can learn how to effectively ask for the sale. Listen to Derek as he teaches, “don’t be pushy all the time. Be pushy at the RIGHT time.

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