Why Squirrels Are Great Business Partners

May 12th, 2013 by

SquirrelHave you ever had a business card shoved in your mouth? Received a telemarketing call during dinner? Been intruded by someone introducing you to their God? Regardless of the method or reasoning, having something forced down your throat is never enjoyable and rarely effective. Often following poor training programs, this is one of the reasons that so many network marketers fail to achieve success.

In a recent email from Derek Halpern of Social Triggers he shared:

One time, after I spoke at a conference, a guy came up to me to introduce himself. He said, “Hi my name is…” and then he shoved a business card in my mouth. Yes, IN MY MOUTH.

In network marketing, so many believe their business will grow equal to the number of business cards they distribute. They spread their offerings much like a dandelion spreads its seeds in the wind. They seem to be charming at first, right up until they get shoved in your mouth. In his video, Derek explains how you can build lasting relationships and grow your network marketing business.

The dandelion spreads its seed far and wide in the hopes that at some will take root, but the strategy just results in a bunch of weeds. While they do offer a short term enchantment their roots are shallow. Network marketing is often branded as a business built through word-of-mouth marketing, but that is vastly different from the truth. In reality, you will grow your network marketing business far more successfully by developing meaningful relationships with deeper roots.

Take the oak tree for example. Unlike the dandelion, the oak tree offers acorns to a friendly squirrel and starts a mutually beneficial relationship. The squirrel enjoys the acorns of the oak tree and often buries extras in the ground for later. While many of the acorns are eaten by the squirrel some are left in the ground, safe from other animals, and take root to grow another mighty oak tree. In partnership with the squirrel, the oak tree fosters immense growth lasting for decades. In a sense, all it takes for a single oak tree to develop into a vast forest is a handful of lone nuts.

Take this as a bit of training to further your career in network marketing. Don’t be the dandelion that pollutes the wind, model yourself after the wisdom of an oak tree. Develop deep seeded relationships with all those around you by offering something worthwhile and you will form the lasting relationships that grow your network marketing business.

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