The Wide Web of Success: How to Avoid Internet Marketing Blunders

September 6th, 2013 by
Marketing Blunders

Internet marketing is great for many reasons. It offers a free or low-cost platform to market products or services, and it gives us a comprehensive, in-depth medium for doing so. We can set up a website or a blog; use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other media sites to spread our company’s message. It gives us the chance to utilize both text and video marketing all at once on several different sites.

The internet is enticing; it’s spirited and expressive and it seems to have little to no rules. But because of this, a lot of companies don’t take it seriously and are unable to recognize the impact an effective internet marketing campaign can have, and they make some common marketing blunders. Don’t let the current of online marketing sweep you away into the abyss of amateur mistakes. Use the tips below to help you avoid making the same marketing blunders.

Internet Marketing Tips for Your Business

Use social media wisely. One big mistake that businesses can make when using social media to market is to be excessively informal, inconsistent, and irrelevant. Just because it’s a free or low-cost, casual method of marketing your product doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat it like a professional platform. Develop a social media strategy and stick to it. Make sure that you’re not just posting, but engaging. Get a conversation going so people are talking about your MLM business even after leaving your site.

Don’t abuse the power of social media. Feel free to be casual, but remember to uphold the image of your business that you’ve worked hard to create. Set standards and levels of formality and be consistent, develop a social media “voice” that is unique and creative.

Don’t abandon your current customer base. It’s great to focus energy on gaining new customers and growth, but don’t forget to target your current customers as well. Build lasting, not fleeting, relationships with them. Stay in touch after the sale or recruit to turn one-time customers into returning ones, and make sure the members of your downline have the resources they need and keep them motivated. Give consumers relevant and useful information through email, social media, or face-to-face interactions to let them know your company is a lasting brand and not a fly-by-night, pop-up shop.

Call to action. How do you turn a one-time site visitor into a returning customer? By using an effective communication campaign. Invite visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, join an email list, enter a contest, sign up for a promotion, and so on. Put a call-to-action button or a pop-up on your site to allow visitors to enter their email address to receive updates about your MLM business. Don’t let your website become a revolving door; be stable and memorable. Keep the communication going and stay in touch with visitors.

Remember that it’s not about you, it’s about them. Consumers don’t want to know about you, your mission, and your accolades. It’s not even the product they want to know about, it’s what the product can do for them. Don’t keep the focus on yourself or the simple, technical descriptions of your product; show them how your product and your company can improve their own lives. Think of the big picture; widen your scope to include the long-term effects of entering into a network marketing company or the benefits of purchasing your product.

Research and track success. How do you know if your Facebook marketing is paying off more than your Twitter campaign? How can you be sure how many people utilize your email list and return to your site? Ask your customers how they found you, use marketing research to figure out how they got to your site or purchased your product. Utilize tools such as Google Alerts to to read what’s being said about your product or service on Google indexed sites. Numbers matter; they allow you to spend your efforts on proven techniques and streamline your workflow.

Build lasting online relationships. Posting on the internet is not speaking into a vast, empty void. It’s a conversation between many people, so keep that conversation going. Share useful links, “like” pages, acknowledge other people’s victories, offer and seek advice. Join industry groups on LinkedIn. Retweet stories of success, give positive feedback and leave thoughtful, engaging comments on other blogs and social media outlets. Treat your online community like you would your friends; don’t expect them to give you help or favors if you’re not willing to give also. Build trust; develop lasting and wholesome relationships. Maintain a community of like-minded, positive thinkers.

Don’t Let Marketing Blunders Get You Down

Give your internet marketing campaign the attention it deserves. Build a community; be willing to give before you take. Build long-term online relationships with your customer base and keep the mood positive. Have a personality and a web presence and allow your creative side to shine through. Don’t make common online marketing blunders; be an expert marketer and grow your business online.

J. Audrey Hoy is the CatalystMLM team’s resident wordsmith. With a master’s of fine arts degree from New York University, J. Audrey has served as an Adjunct Instructor of Creative Writing at NYU and she currently works as the Content Editor and contributor at CatalystMLM. Originally hailing from the Chicagoland area, J. Audrey has previously resided in Iowa City, Brooklyn and currently lives in Burlington, Vermont. She spends her free time reading novels, writing, exploring the Burlington area and enjoying the outdoors.

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