Write the Right Way: Script Writing Tips for Advertising Online

August 12th, 2013 by
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Posting videos to online media outlets is an ever-increasing way that businesses are advertising their products; it’s simple, low cost, and anyone can do it. Online videos are replacing, or supplementing, traditional television commercials with the added convenience that viewers can choose what they watch and when they watch it. Now is the time to take advantage of this; find your place in the world of online advertising and grow your list of prospects through creative and quality videos.

Although online media outlets are a great way to reach out to potential customers and educate them about a company, some businesses are enticed to provide informal content that mimics the candid, spur-the-moment feel of many sensational YouTube videos. This may seem like fun, but remember that you’re trying to establish a certain degree of professionalism and credibility in your industry, and the best way to do so is to produce high-quality, well thought videos that have a clear and direct message. Plan ahead, follow some simple pre-production script writing tips to ensure your video will be the best it can be. Writing a script is a great way to give yourself an outline and to eradicate any misspeaks or slip-ups.

Take some time to develop your message and your script before you press record. Look out for some excellent script writing tips from Wistia, watch the video clip by clicking here.

Script Writing Tips for Sensational Videos

As they say at Wistia, scripts have the ability to take a video from “incoherent ramblings to quotable works of cinematic genius.” But how do you get started on writing the stellar script that your audience deserves? Use the following tips to organize your team and write the best script for your message.

Step 1: Ask Questions First

The first step is to develop a questionnaire that is designed to answer any important pre-production questions and outline your goals for the video. Have everyone on your team answer important questions like, “who is the audience for this video?” and “what is the message? What are the key takeaways you want to give your audience?” Next decide where you want this video to live, or where you want to post it, whether it be a video media outlet such as YouTube or on your own website. By answering these questions before getting started, you’ll have a better feel for the general tone of the script and the goals of the marketing efforts.

Step 2: Write, Baby, Write!

Create a shared document that your team has access to and start brainstorming your dialogue. Opening a draft in Google docs will allow multiple users to collaborate and comment on the script in real time. This way everyone has a piece of input and everyone can add their own creativity to the script. But be careful not to end up with a mess;use the commenting feature in order to preserve the original thoughts and replace them when the comment works better with the tone.

Step 3: Writers of the Roundtable

Gather all those involved and do a table read. This will help everyone understand the message and the flow of the video, and it will get everyone thinking on the same page of the direction of the video. This is also a great chance for you to mess around with inflections and develop natural, conversational language.

Don’t Forget to Have fun

Don’t go overboard on your quest to be professional and end up with a dry, monotonous script that bores your viewers. Have fun with it, keep it casual and give your video some personality. Let it come alive and you’ll leave a bigger impression on your viewers.

Remember that great scripts don’t feel like scripts at all, so keep it conversational and let it have a genuine, natural tone. Avoid marketing buzz words like synergy, turnkey, cutting edge; and don’t use language that clouds the message. Speak to your audience as if you’re speaking to your friends, and they’ll be more likely to feel invited in to your world.

Spread Your Message

Quality advertising always takes energy and hard work, but it can really pay off in the end. Building your MLM business requires a lot of effort up front, and it relies on spreading the good word about your company. With these simple script writing tips, you’re ready to get started on making your best videos. It’s time: get your message out there in the world to a wider audience, get people thinking and talking about your business.

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